Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Illegal detention and murder of Young Sikh...

Shaminder Singh (Shera) a young 24 year old Sikh from a poor family and the only Amritdhari Sikh in Bagguwal village was singled out for being an Amritdhari and picked by police in Nawanshahar district on 31st October 2010. Shaminder Singh was the only son, who supported his elderly mother and two sisters.

He was mercilessly thrashed and subjected to third-degree torture for 18 days as he refused to admit involvement in waging war against the Indian state. No case was registered against him. According to his own words reported on television he would have been eliminated by the Indian Police in a police encounter, as has happened with thousands of young Amritdharis since 1984. He overheard the police officers planning to eliminate him and managed to escape from police custody on 18 November.

He was later arrested from Sri Patna Sahib where he revealed he had become the victim of police torture. Luckily for him the media listened and reported on his experience. A report published in the Hindustan Times on 3rd December 2010 forced the Panjab and Haryana High Court into action. Following an investigation the court ordered a penalty of Rs 1 lakh on the state of Panjab for illegally detaining him and subjecting him to third-degree torture. The court also directed the state government on 3rd January to take care of Shaminder Singh.

Television news interview before murder
Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Two weeks later, after giving his television news interview, on 17th January Shaminder Singh and his brother Harwinder Singh were going to the Gurdwara Sahib in Bagguwal village when they were attacked by about 9-10 unidentified men with sharp edged weapons. It has been widely reported that the finger of blame is pointing squarely at the police. Shaminder Singh was admitted to hospital where he died several days later.

On 30th January the Punjab government (who were ordered by the Court to take care of Shaminder Singh) ordered a probe into the circumstances leading to the death of Shaminder Singh. This followed considerable media and other pressure.

It is unfortunate that an innocent Amritdhari Singh was not just falsely accused of crimes, he was then tortured, and after being proven innocent was murdered by an unidentified gang. According to reports, no Jathedaar, Mahapurkh or politician attended Shaminder Singh's family nor have any of them raised a cry against this injustice and oppression.

May Guru jee bless us all with the strength to speak and stand up for the truth.

Please write to your local MPs about this case to help put pressure for Shaheed Bhai Shaminder Singh's family to get justice. Details of a template letter and how to contact your local MP on link below:

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