Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why does Waheguru Himself help his Devotees?

Once a king in India went to Guru Nanak Dev Ji and asked, “O Guru! As you told us that Waheguru Himself supports His true worshiper, but Waheguru has so many apostles, why does He support His devotees Himself? Why does not He send His apostles to help the devotees?” As he said this, his own son who was playing at the bank of a nearby river slipped in the river. The king did not wait for a second and jumped in the river right after his son to save his child.

After saving his child he returned to the Guru. The Guru asked, “My dear friend, you were sitting here with me a minute ago and why did you jump in the river?” King explained that his son had slipped in the river and he went to save him. Then the Guru asked, “Dear friend, you have so many servants then why did you jump in the river by yourself? Why did not you send you servants to save him?” The King said, “When it comes to my son. I do not want to take any chances and would do anything it takes to protect him. I love my son very much and I do not want to lose him at any cost.”

Then Guru Ji said, “My dear friend, Waheguru loves His devotees the same way as you love your son. That is why he Himself saves His true worshipper.”


Anonymous said...

Vaheguroo! Dhan Guroo Nanak!

Anonymous said...

I just dont feel this anymore. Its a terrible thing, I know. Maybe its because I am not a "true" devotee? Maybe His hand only works for "true" worship? I am at a very difficult stage in my life. Nothings going the way I want it to. But I have no other person to blame but Waheguru for all of it. Its slowly pushing me away. What a sad plight I am in. All I want from Waheguru is to give me some sort of reassurance that I'll be ok. Thats all! But I'm not getting it so I have no other choice but to doubt His hand. And that is truly sad. Sorry for wasting your time. I just needed to unload some emotional baggage. But thank you none the less!

Manvir Singh said...

Vaheguru jee. Gurmukho. Keep Bharosa and do Ardaas. Doing Saadh Sangat is very important. In the Saadh Sangat one's faith and love for Waheguru is made firm.

Feel free to email daas at if you have any questions or want to know about local programmes near to where you live.

chitwinder singh said...

Only blind faith in our param pita waheguru will ensure that our journey in this world becomes enjoyable.

Ron P said...

I am suffering from a skin disease that has lasted for 18 months. It is making my life very difficult as it is in an area which makes both sitting and walking painful. I can't live my life the way I used to. My job involves me sitting down for a long period and it hurts, I can't go for long walks either as the skin rubs and gets further irritated.

I'm going from Doctor to Doctor and still it's not cured.

I always believed in Waheguru however a couple of years ago I lost faith and became almost agnostic, do you think that I am being punished for my previous lack of faith?

I sometimes think that this has happened to me so that I believe in Waheguru again.

I have started believing in him again and going to the gurdwara and chanting Waheguru.

I just want to get better and move on with my life. As soon as I'm better I want to help other people via charity work and sewa but I can't do that now because of the discomfort that I am in.

Will I get better from this?

Jeet Bains said...

hey, i don't know where you live, but i know one place in Punjab, India .... it's a temple called "Gurudwara Karhali" in the city of Patiala . here is the website read it. @ Ron

Jeet Bains said...