Saturday, November 13, 2010

Remembrance Day Poetry Evening...

On 11th November, there was a Remembrance Day poetry evening held by the local inter-faith group. There were only a few of us who attended. Some volunteers read thought-provoking letters relating to the World Wars and poetry based on war and peace. It was a nice reflective evening.

During the poetry reading, a discussion started on how the world has seen so much war and destruction caused by humans and whether or not humans will be able to achieve peace in the world. Near the end Daas shared the Gurmat perspective with the audience. It was explained that Gurbani states that we have to win ourselves before winning the world, and therefore one who wins peace inside of themselves will see peace outside of themselves.
ਆਈ ਪੰਥੀ ਸਗਲ ਜਮਾਤੀ ਮਨਿ ਜੀਤੈ ਜਗੁ ਜੀਤੁ ||
aaee panthee sagal jamaatee man jeetai jag jeet.

See the brotherhood of humanity as the highest sect of all; conquer your own mind, and conquer the world.
(Ang 6)

Daas shared with the audience that Gurmat states that outside world is a projection or reflection of the world of our mind.
ਦਰਪਣ ਵਾਂਗ ਧਿਆਨ ਧਰ ਆਪ ਆਪ ਨਿਹਾਲੈ ॥
"Humans are reflected (in the mirror of the world) in exactly the same way as their inner nature."
(Vaar 9, PauRee 6 - Bhai Gurdaas jee)

Therefore, to attain peace in the world we must aim to get inner peace and look inside of us through spiritual support, wisdom and inspiration - i.e. through the True Guru. It was nice to that with Guru jee's kirpaa the pessimistic atmosphere about the future became optimistic and people smiled hearing Guru jee's words.

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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