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Belgium Gurmat Camp 2010...

From 2nd to 7th August a Gurmat Camp was held in Belgium at Gurdwara Sangat Sahib, Sint Truiden. For many years the Chalda Vaheer Jatha, founded by late Bhai Sahib Rajinder Singh (Dudley, UK), has been doing annual camps in Belgium as well as countries across Europe. With Guru Sahib's kirpaa, this year's camp was very successful and very inspirational.

About 50 local children attended the 6 day camp. The camp included classes for learning Panjabi, memorising Gurbani, learning Keertan and Tablaa, Sikh history, and Mudhlee Vidiyaa (core knowledge). Local sevadaars and parents of children contributed with the classes.

The camp would start at 10am with Japji Sahib, Chaupai Sahib and followed by Ardaas. After discussing the meanings of the Hukamnama there was breakfast followed by classes. It was so moving to see that the youngsters were so eager to learn more Gurbani, more Shabads for Keertan and how to tie a Dastaar that some would turn up 8am at the Gurdwara or even earlier to take maximum laahaa (benefit) of the camp. The hunger and thirst for Sikhi shown by the children was inspirational. The most inspiring from the camp was hearing a 6 year old recite full Japji Sahib off-by heart!

Some photos from the camp:

Morning Simran led by Bhaji Karanjeet Singh from Germany.

Campers reciting Japji Sahib.

Camper doing Ardaas.

Camper doing Chaur Sahib. None of the campers had done Chaur Sahib sevaa before and were very excited to be given the opportunity.

Younger children watching a Sikhi film.


Bhai Harjinder Singh (known as 'Man in Blue') helping children learn Panjabi.

Two sisters, aged 4 and 5, wearing Dastaar :)

Dastaar tying competition (these Veer jees didn't have time to practice).

One of the Dastaar tying competiton winners.

Bhenji who at the age of 2 knew Mool Mantar and say a loud Fateh :)

Campers learning to memorise Japji Sahib with Giani Keval Singh, the local Granthi Singh.

During the camp the elder children prepared presentations on different topics covering personalities from Sikh history. It was amazing to see how the campers researched and prepared very detailed presentations and did a great job in presenting them to the rest of the class:

Bhenji Nirvair Kaur did her presentation on Mata Sahib Kaur jee.

Bhenji Ampritpal Kaur did her presentation on Guru Raam Daas jee.

Bhenji Vigaas Kaur did her presentation on Baba Banda Singh jee Bahadar.

Bhaji Amritpal Singh did a presentation on Guru Hargobind Sahib jee.

Bhaji Ravinder Singh did a presentation on Guru Arjan Dev jee.

Bhaji Jorawar Singh did a presentation on Guru Tegh Bahadar jee.

Bhaji Lovepreet Singh did a presentationon Guru Gobind Singh jee.

Bhai Harjinder Singh taking the elder group's class in Flemish (the children's local language).

Bhenji in blue is the 6 year old who has memorised full Japji Sahib with the support of her mother and Guru jee's blessings.

Bhai Jaspal Singh teaching Tablaa.

Bhaji Jujhar Singh teaching campers keertan.

Campers were tested on what they had learnt and given marks near the end of the camp.

On the last day, campers recieved their certificate and gifts from the Gurdwara Committee members and community elders:

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee.

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