Saturday, January 02, 2010

California Trip... Yuba City Sikhi Camp

From Monday 28th December to Thursday 31st December, a Gurmat Camp was organised in Yuba City at Tierra Buena Road Gurdwara Sahib. For many years there has been little or no parchaar at this Gurdwara Sahib and recently with the arrival of a new management committee progress has been made in establishing a successful Panjabi school for children. Bhai Jagjit Singh jee from Leeds (UK) attending the Gurdwara Sahib for a family wedding a year ago and did a speech in English which inspired the local Sangat to want a Sikhi camp held at the Gurdwara Sahib.

The camp was from 9am to 4pm everyday and was attended by 250 children, aged from 6 to 16+. The camp was divided into five zones - spiritual zone, history zone, inspirational zone, open zone and warrior zone. Campers rotated around the zones for different talks, workshops and discussions. With Guru Sahib's kirpaa the younger children showed so much enthusiasm and energy. Many children learnt how to do Simran on the Vaaja for the first time and asked sewadaars to tie Dastaars on them.

Some photos:

Morning assembly.

Children aged 6 to 9 coming on the stage to do Simran.


Bhenjis from UK doing a class.

Bhai Jagjit Singh jee in Inspirational Zone.

Veer Ravjeet Singh in Open Zone.

History Zone.


Young children having Darshan of Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee and going through Gurdwara Sahib etiquette.

Bhai Hardip Singh jee (England).

Sukhi bhenji (England) made this tree explain to the younger children how the Jeevan (life) of a Gursikh should be. It's a really nice idea that children could easily relate to and understand.

Young children learning the golden three keys tune to doing Simran, Mool Mantar and any generally any Shabd on the Vaaja. Bhai Jeevan Singh jee showed this easy and simple tune to Bhai Jagjit Singh (England). Waheguru.

Campers doing Jorreaa(n) dee sevaa (cleaning shoes).

Bhenji helping with Dastaar tying.

Bhaji helping with dastaar tying.

Campers doing keertan.

In the morning assembly and afternoon assembly Bhaji used to give a word (e.g. sehaj, nimartaa, daya etc) to the campers and they had to find out what the word meant. Children would volunteer to come to the front and tell the whole Sangat what the word meant. Waheguru.

Campers playing Gatka on the last day.

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee.

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Sukhveer Singh said...

Wonderfull camp.Keep up the great job.Its really nice to see this kind of camps are being held for the young sikhs.