Monday, December 07, 2009

Email Your MPs to Put Pressure on Indian Govt

Guru Pyaario,

Benti to everyone please write to your local Member of Parliament about what has happened in Ludhiana. The British, Canadian and American governments can put diplomatic pressure on India to ensure peace is brought to Panjab, that the human rights of the Sikhs is restored and justice is delivered for the bloodshed of the Sikhs.

You can contact your local MP through this website:

This is the least we can do sitting abroad! You can use the below template to send. Just copy and paste but remember to put the name of your MP at the top and your name at the bottom.


I am emailing you in regards to the concerning events that took place in Ludhiana in Punjab (India). On Saturday 5th December 2009 when police and paramilitary forces opened fire without warning and used heavy-handed barbaric tactics to stop Sikh protesters who were protesting, belonging to Sikh religious organisations, marching towards a controversial anti-Sikh two-day event organised in Ludhiana by Dera Divya Jyoti of Ashutosh; and that at one Sikh has been killed and about 15 seriously injured. Sadly, the death toll is expected to increase. Further to this a number of Sikhs have gone missing and it is feared the Punjab Police have kidnapped them and will torture them.

Members of the UK Sikh community, including myself, have family members living in the area and are horrified at the police brutality used against the Sikh protesters shown in the News reports.
Please see video below:

News link and Press release from Voices of Freedom charity:

I would like you to take up this issue with the Indian High Commissioner in the UK immediately and ensure that justice is brought for the victims of the Police brutality and that the Human Rights (which includes the right to protest) of the Sikhs will be protected. Please press upon them that we would like to see peace in Punjab, and that this cannot be achieved with over zealous policing.

I await a response from you.

Kind regards,

More photos of Police Brutality:

Lawless policemen

Police beating an unarmed Sikh.

Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh after being shot in the chest by the Police.

Bullets being collected.

Police didn't fire in the air but were aiming at the Sikh protestors. Some bullets hit many public buses as seen above.

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