Thursday, December 31, 2009

California Trip... Fresno

In the Christmas holidays we went to California, USA. Bhenji Manpreet Kaur jee and Bhaji Manvinder Singh jee invited us over to California to do sevaa at a camp that they were helping to organise. Bhenji is originally from the UK but now lives in California. It was great to meet the Fresno Gursikh sangat. The whole atmosphere and attitude of the people was very friendly and open. It was inspirational and moving to see the pyaar and Gursikhi spirit of the Sangat.

Some photos:

Group photo with Bhaji Manvinder Singh jee, Bhai Prabhdev Singh jee and Bhenji Manpreet Kaur jee. On the day we arrived we were shown the Golden Gate Bridge. (Looking at the bridge you realise there is nothing 'golden' about it and is more of a 'Red Bridge'.)

With Bhaji Prabhdev Singh jee, standing next to this statue. I have no idea who the statue is supposed to be!

Bhaji Prabhdev Singh jee driving his pride and joy! (bhaji's van reminded me of the A-Team van!).

Woodland Park.

Lake Millterton (when they said Lake Millerton I thought they said "Lake Militant". Waheguru).

Group photo.

Bhaji Jagmeet Singh jee. Such a nice Gursikh. Waheguru :)

Group photo of Singhs at the Lake.

On the last day before we left for Yuba City, all the Bhenjis cooked us loads of cakes to take with us on the way (carrot cake, cup cakes and normal cake! Waheguru!). Dhan Guru Ke Sikh.

Family photo on our last day at Fresno with all the Gursikhs at Bhaji Manvinder Singh jee and Bhenji Manpreet Kaur jee's house :) Dhan Guru, Dhan Guru Ke Pyaare.

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee.

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Anonymous said...

Remember the wonderful smell of Prabdev Veerji's van? You have to come again Bhai Sahib, if you want to smell it! :)