Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gursikh Photography and Filmmaking

Last year Bhai Atma Singh jee and Bhai Resham Singh jee, two UK-born Gursikh brothers from Slough (England) set up a photography and film-making business called Atma Images. You can see their professional work on their website: www.AtmaImages.com

Atma Images provides their services for weddings, events/functions, and also does portraits for individuals, families etc and commercial assignments (e.g. photography/filmmaking for businesses) nationwide. In following their Gurmat principles and beliefs, they only cover Anand Kaarajs (wedding ceremonies) of Amritdhari Gursikhs and don't offer their services to any event or function which involves the consumption of alcohol or meat.

In following Guru Jee's instructions, they give 10% of all their profits to charity. They also offer their skills to organisations doing Gurmat sevaa and running Panthic projects.

Atma Images are ideal for Gursikhs and also Gursikh businesses. Please support these Gursikhs.

Check www.AtmaImages.com for more of their creative work and further details.


Atma Singh said...



Thanks for mentioning us. Much appreciated.

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Manpreet Kaur said...

Waheguru G ka khalsa Waheguru G ki Fateh...Waheguru aap g te mehar karan.....