Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peterborough One-Day Sikhi Camp (Part 2)


Children playing on the bouncy castle

Bhaji Vijay Singh talking about the purpose of life with the 11-16 group

Slide from 'Purpose of Life' presentation.

11-16 group

Adults/parents class in Panjabi on Gurbani Vichaar

Bhaji Randhir Singh quizzing the under 10s.

Under 10s class outside.

Children getting ready for physical activities.

Veer Ravjeet Singh and Jagdeep Singh demonstrating Gatka

Bhenji Simrat Kaur explaining about Gatka

Games with under 10s

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee


Mandeep said...

Manvir Singh:

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh||

I know this is random but my name is Mandeep Singh from St. Louis MO, USA...

While doing a google image search from some high res images of Sikh History i stumbled along your blog (which is pretty cool by the way)...

You have some pictures in your ardaas blog i was hoping you could send me (and if you have more that would be great)...

The reason i need them is we do a do a Sikh Youth Symposium each year and we were going to make a video trailer for our new webiste to encourage parents to enroll their kids...

THe images you have are a much higher resolution than i'm finding through google...

So if you could please share that would be great...

Thanks in advance

Mandeep Singh

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh||

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Bhai Sahib jee,

The history pics I have are all downloaded from different places on the Internet. Try searching

You could also email me and I can try and send pics which you need: