Tuesday, June 09, 2009

1984 - Myth & Reality

Deciphering myth from reality using independent (non-Sikh) sources on the bloody holocaust of June 1984:

On Baba Jarnail Singh Jee Bhindranwale
Before 1984: "For all I know, he [Bhindranwale] is completely innocent and is genuinely and exclusively dedicated to the teaching of the Guru."
Arjun Shoune, Indian Express, 13th May 1982 (Media celebrity who became BJP member)

After 1984: "Whatever Bhindranwale’s involvement, the government had no concrete evidence and the ministry thought it inadvisable to arrest him on a flimsy case only to have him acquitted and transformed into a hero."
Vir Sanghvi, Imprint, 1986 (now writes for Hindustan Times)

On Humility
Indian Army: General K. Sundarji claimed, “We went inside with humility in heart and prayers on our lips.”
Operation Bluestar, 1993

Reality: "Karnail Kaur, a young mother of three children… said, ‘When people begged for water some jawans [soldiers] told them to drink the mixture of blood and urine on the ground."
Mrs. Gandhi’s Last Battle, 1985

On Respect
GOI: "Troops were particularly instructed not to wear any leather items in holy places and to treat all apprehended person with dignity and consideration."
White Paper on the Punjab Agitation 1984

Reality: "On Saturday, medical workers in Amritsar said soldiers had threatened to shoot them if they gave food or water to Sikh pilgrims wounded in the attack and lying in the hospital."
Christian Science Monitor, 8 June 1984

On Women & Children
GOI: “No women or children were killed in the action by troops"
White Paper on the Punjab Agitation 1984

Reality: “… a team of doctors… examined 400 corpses, including 100 women and 15 to 20 children, all under five and including a two-month-old baby.”
Associated Press, 13th June 1984


harjit singh said...

they are worst than nazis, 84 was worst than genocide. my murderer is my judge how can you expect him to give judgement in your favour.

singh khaalsaa said...


bhai sahib your bog is great but i have one objection.

you have gurbani written in the footer please reposition it or delete it. gurbani should and must be held in very high esteem.
otherwise i found your blog very impressive and informative

another thing many of these hindus commenting may have been influenced by anti congress ideology of theirs .

but they happen to be on the right side but they aren't worth quoting many of these have different viewpoints now

and the politician subhramaniam suwami was a regular visitor to sant jarnail singh ji khalsa bhindranwale, sant ji once pulled him or we can say talked in a straight manner as he used to do, when suwami made a comment against santji in parliament. after that when he visited santji and santji then were sitting on terrace, suwami climbed up the stirs, the first thing santji said was, "suwami, hathkaddiyaan le ke aayeaan sadde vaaste??? "

and when suwami tried to act ignorant santji said if you didn't make that comment why didn't you deny it in front of the press/media.

while the truth should be brought in front of the believers and people in general, it is very sad and dissappointing to even think and talk of these people who were involved in anti sikh acts. it spoils the mood and day for me i feel disturbed.

santji were totally dedicated to damdami taksaal's ideology that has been the same as guru gobind singh sahib ji as these values and virtues passed seem=ne baseene on to brahmgiani jathedaars of damdami taksaal

well why santji wore weapons or firearms???

first sikhs are ordered to wear weapons by guru gobind singh sahib ji. sikhs are martial folks.

second, sant giani kartart singh ji himself had made a bachan to sant jarnail singh ji that one day time would come when he would have to fire shots, sant kartar singh ji himself had procured firearms for taksaal students and the guess who was choosen by sant kartar singh ji to do the arambh of firearms, well it was abhiyaasi (sant) jarnail singh ji ( bhindranwaale). sant kartar singh ji chose sant jarnail singh ji to fire the first shots, sant jarnail singh ji were then very deeply doing gurbaani jaaps. sant kartar singh ji asked him to fire first shots, sant jarnail singh ji's reply was "santji, but i don't know how to shoot" on it sant kartar singh ji replied "bachu, ikk din tainu chalauni paini aa, fer ki karenga" then sant jarnail singh ji fired five rounds in air and singhs did jaikaaras.

such were the great santji

may waheguru bless everyone .


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Waheguru Jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh Jee

Bhaji thanks for the vichaar.

In regards to Gurbani line at the end of the blog. It was intended to praise Guru Sahib. Taking on board your suggestion, I will remove it from the bottom of page.

Dhan Guru Nanak.

Mai said...


It is important to back up what happened from independent sources, of course.

It is, in my opinion, however, even more important that we tell our own storeies, our own experiences, loud and clear, and we don't stop until we are heard and understood. I/We have tried to this in our my/our blog sand I beg that all Sikhs, especially those who were there in 1984, tell their stories, relate their experiences to the world. We need to make a huge noise, a big stink that cannot be ignored.

I came to your blog from the facebook link. I thank you for what you are doing.

Gurufateh and chardi kala!

LAL said...

Before I comment on your blog, I must say that I have nothing against your religion but everything against religious fanatism(doesnt matter, that its associated with which religion)...

That being said, most of the facts illustrated in your blog are false and represent a one sided story.

1.) The only reason the army was called to move into the temple was the terrorists had guarded the temple entrances with bunkered machine guns. Now why did bhrindanwale had to do this ?

2.) What proof do you present that the women and children were killed by the armed forces and not the terrorists? If you have a proof you dont present it in your blog and if you dont have it then, for me its a crime to cash in on dead women and children to present a "pure religion's" innocence.

3.) How do you justify the 300+ documented murders by bhrindanwale et boys of people who were not the government or Mrs Gandhi but mere politico-religious rivals ??

4.) How would you justify open arms trade and support of insurgency by Pakistan ?

Anonymous said...

Your blog is pure religious fanaticism at best combined with false accusations and plain lies. The GOI was forced to act because of the huge amount weapons amassed in the temple. The sikh militants were actively supported by Pakistan and if not for Operation Bluestar, things would have only got worse. Mrs Gandhi for all her flaws, paid for this with her life at the hands of her own sikh bodygaurds.

Kaur said...


No reason to argue friend, just as you say Manvir Singh is presenting a "one-sided" view, well so are you. I think it is just ignorant to say this is "religious fanaticism", and "The ONLY reason the army was called to move into the Temple was the terrorists had guarded the temple entrance with bunkered machine guns." Like I said, your accusing someone else of a biased view, and yet in the first reason your sentence is clearly a biased opinion. Of course we all have different opinions, but it is just wrong to say "most of your facts are wrong", here is what "actually" happened (based on my own knowledge)." See what I mean?

Also, there is no proof of anything needed...The facts are clearly seen that a genocide occurred which the Indian government tried to cover up... There are those who accept those facts as true, and those who will decide to block out their ears and say "Nope, I don't believe you." based on their own judgement.

Also, history is in and of itself a biased view...you call them terrorists, but someone else might call them true Warriors...is this not a biased opinion as well for both sides? There is no reason to get too critical and blatantly accuse someone else of having a wrong view. Of course you can always give your own opinions, but that doesn't mean it's right to use those opinions and say "Your wrong because of what I MYSELF have learned." It's a biased/biased situation.


Manvir Singh said...

The blog post is not opinion but facts - facts from respectable sources. The information given are all from independent non-Sikh sources.

If you can provide "factual" evidence to repute the claims of the independent press, human rights groups like Red Cross, non-Sikh Western academics who have witnessed and documented what happened, and senior officials of the time then I suggest you do that.

Again I stress the post is facts taken from factual books, reports and newspaper reports. If you have a problem with that please write to the respected authors/publishers - I have given clear references.

God bless.

sahiba said...

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji fateh. This is extremely sad, this absolutely barbaric! I mean who goes in the gurdwara and attack it?! Thats crazy that's not a battlefield its a place to worship, absolutely terrible!! I pray for the people who lost their life's and for their family's. Manvir ji i think your blog is amazing and im glad you have to put it on so everyone can see the truth which alot of people like to ignore.
Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji fateh