Thursday, January 29, 2009

Useful Gurbani Audios

I have come across some great Gurbani audio files which are worth sharing with the Sangat.

Nitnem & other Baani Audios
Beatuifully recited Paatth by Gurmukh Pyaare. Nitnem - Raagi Baldev Singh (GNNSJ) - Raagi Baldev Singh (GNNSJ) and Sangat - Unknown Gurmukh - Dr. Pritam Singh "Anjaan" - Bhai Sahib Jeevan Singh Sahib - Raagi Baldev Singh (GNNSJ) Sukhmani Sahib (Keertan) - Bhai Nirmal Singh Khalsa Sahib - Prof. Satnam Singh Sethi Sahib - Bhai Raghbir Singh

Sehaj Paatth Audio
For anyone who is doing a Sehaj Paatth it is a very good tool to have, particularly when reading difficult Baanis. You can listen to the audio and try reading along. Paatth - Giani Harbhajan Singh Paatth - Bhai Balbir Singh "Sidki"

ਅਨਦਿਨੁ ਬਾਣੀ ਸਬਦਿ ਸੁਣਾਏ ਸਚਿ ਰਾਤੇ ਰੰਗਿ ਰੰਗਾਵਣਿਆ ॥੪॥
anḏin baṇī shabaḏ suṇāe sacẖ rāṯe rang rangāvṇiā. ||4||
So, night and day, listen to the Word of the Guru's Bani, the Guru's Shabad, and let yourself be coloured by this love. ||4||
(Ang 114)


Anonymous said...

Gurfateh Jee..

Is that Jathedar Bhai Raghbir Singh ?

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

It's someone else.