Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pizza Anyone?

Yesterday, there was a Sikh Society talk at University of Birmingham. Afterwards there were samosay to eat. A Singh offered me a plate with two samosay. I told him to take one out because I am not great fan of samosay now (last time I had three samosay and felt drugged up and sleepy afterwards!). So I had one samosa. The other Singhs and Bhenjees didn't eat any samosay. So I asked them why they are not eating any. They said that they were saving themselves to have Pizza afterwards at Chamkaurs (an Amritdhari restaurant)! (Yet no one told me to hold back on the samosay!). Waheguru.

Two cars went to Chamkaurs afterwards. The way some Singhs were going on about Chamkaurs and eating Pizzas was like they have never seen food in their life (no names mentioned!). During the journey as well the conversation was revolved around pizza toppings and pizza slice sizes. Waheguru. I wondered whether some of these Singhs were doing Pizza Studies at college and university or something. Rab Jaane.

Getting through all the peak-time traffic, we eventually got to Chamkaurs. But when we got there the shop lights were off! I thought we have driven all this long way to find the shop closed! Then a Singh got of the car and checked the sign. The shop was to open in 10 minutes. So we waited in the car. By that time the other car arrived.

To be honest I didn't want to eat Pizza. I prefer eating Daal and Rotee. Due to pressure of Sangat I got sucked into ordering pizza as well. All the Singhs and Bhenjees were excited and were behaving like they had reached Sach Khand or something! Waheguru. Really, there were really excited and behaving like the most important thing in the world is Pizza and nothing else. So everyone ordered. I wasn't really hungry and could have nicely done with a bit of Daal and a Parshaadaa, but due to pressure I ordered. Everyone else ordered large pizzas per person! I thought it was slightly excessive considering some of the Singhs aren't exactly very big (no names mentioned)! I decided to order a regular size pizza despite the pressure to order a large pizza. hehe.

Everyone got their pizzas and I even ordered a regular fries because I was told my pizza size is quite small. Waheguru. When I got the pizza I couldn't believe that I could barely eat it. Yes it was tasty! But how much Pizza can you eat? On the other hand the other Singhs and even Bhenjees were eating Pizza like this was the first they had seen Pizza! Amongst this hyper-activity and excitement for Pizza, it was inspiring to see a Gursikh who was not eating anything sitting amongst the chaos very calmly and not affected by this Pizza frenzy. I felt bit embarrassed and wished that I had just stuck my simple Daal and Roti!

ਏ ਰਸਨਾ ਤੂ ਅਨ ਰਸਿ ਰਾਚਿ ਰਹੀ ਤੇਰੀ ਪਿਆਸ ਨ ਜਾਇ ॥
Ėh rasnā ṯū an ras rācẖ rahī ṯerī pi▫ās na jā▫e.
O my tongue! You are engrossed in other tastes, but your thirsty desire is not quenched.
(Ang 921)

By the end of it, everyone looked stuffed. I could barely breathe. Another Singh (no names mentioned) looked like he was barely alive! He said he was okay but he looked knocked out after eating a full large pizza by himself! I was so stuffed that I didn't even eat my regular fries. I just about got home okay. Driving a car when you are feeling stuffed is not safe! With Guru's Kirpaa got home okay. One thing I can say is that I will not be eating Pizza again for a long long time!! When I woke up at Amrit-vela I still felt bloated and stuffed (which is not good!). Guru Raakhaa.

ਖੰਡਿਤ ਨਿਦ੍ਰਾ ਅਲਪ ਅਹਾਰੰ ਨਾਨਕ ਤਤੁ ਬੀਚਾਰੋ ॥੮॥
Kẖandiṯ niḏrā alap ahāraʼn Nānak ṯaṯ bīcẖāro. ||8||
Sleep little, and eat little; O Nanak, this is the essence of wisdom. ||8||
(Ang 939)


cov_singh_tj said...


chamkaurs was good and very tasty pizza.

we were loving it because we were very hungry and couldnt wait to eat pizza, and knowing how nice chamkaurs pizza's are , it didnt help

manvir never goes chamkaurs so he was shocked because we were eating a large each haha

harj said...

I totally agree with Manvir Singh! Gursikhs go mad for Chamkaurs Pizza it's ok but not as sachkhand like as many Gursikhs make it out as! LOL!

However it is nice to support your local Amrithdhari business man! But nothing beats a home made Pizza!

Anonymous said...

^'gursikhs' should be used for those that follow guru jis teachings.

Jeff said...

Anonymous Ji, I wasn't aware Guru Ji said that we shouldn't eat Pizza and have a bit of fun doing so?


Anonymous said...

bohutaa laalach nee kareedaa shakan dey vich. thoraa savanaa khaavanaa ,thoraa bolan gurmat paaey.

baakee, singhaa daa khaanaa baRaa saadhaa hundaa ya.

:D Funny story though. :D

Anonymous said...

jeff ji,

it is guru jis teachings to eat less:

Kẖandiṯ niḏrā alap ahāraʼn Nānak ṯaṯ bīcẖāro. ||8||
Sleep little, and eat little; O Nanak, this is the essence of wisdom. ||8||

Jeff said...

Hanji that is true, can't argue with that. Guru Ji also said to speak little so I'm gonna shutup :)

Singhni Jee said...

Where is 'ChamKaurs' Restaurant? What's the address? :P

Anonymous said...

there are plenty of worse sins that we commit than eating pizza

Anonymous said...

hmmm, a bit over exagerated. No point blaming everyone else, when you yourself ate too, no one can force you to do anything you dont want to do.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Anonymous said...

hmmm, a bit over exagerated. No point blaming everyone else, when you yourself ate too, no one can force you to do anything you dont want to do.

Daas wrote the post as a light-hearted blog post which was not meant to be taken too seriously. It was not intended to be written for a Police Report or anything :)

Bhul Chuk Maaf

sikhlionz said...


sikhlionz said...


Anonymous said...

hahaha funny post,

Chamkaurs rocks :))

i think it's the 'novelty' as this is really the only place majority of amritdharis can really eat out at.

it's better than going to ali's kababs for a veggie burger and fires - hahaha

gupt baba said...

pizza is the best!

Prabhjit said...


Anonymous said...

Train Joke:

Why did the man cross the road?

To get to Chamkaurs !!!

ahahah lol!