Monday, November 03, 2008

Leamington Sikh Activity Weekend Photos!

On Friday 31st October and Saturday 1st November, a Sikh Activity Weekend was held at Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara Sahib. The camp was organised by the Education Group Committee at Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara with Sikh Seva sevadaars helping out. All the local sewadaars did a great job in the getting the camp organised and doing langar seva and other seva throughout the weekend.

Day 1 (Friday 31st Oct)
The day started with morning diwaan. The younger children did Keertan and Dastaar Tying in the morning and the elder group had a Gurbani vichaar class with Bhai Joginder Singh jee (Leicester) and Dr. Virk (Derby). Afterwards Dr. Virk did a fantastic talk on "Sri Guru Granth Ji - the Living Guru". After Langar, Bhai Joginder Singh jee gave an inspiring talk on how he came into Sikhi and general advice for everyone using Gurbani. The younger children had fun games, activities and also a workshop on how to do Guru jee's seva and a tour of the Gurdwara. The day ended with a talk by Bhenji Daljeet Kaur jee on the status of Sikh Women in comparison to other religions and a short Q&A session.

Some photos:

Dastaar Tying session.


Group photo.

Fun activities and games with Bhaji Manjot Singh and Bhenji Daljeet Kaur jee.

Younger children doing Keertan and Simran.

Bhenji Daljeet Kaur jee talking about Sikh Women.

Sangat listening to Bhenji Daljeet Kaur jee's talk.

Veer Tohmev Singh doing Keertan.

Maharaaj jee's Saroop being taken to Sach Khand.

Day 2 (Saturday 1st Nov)
The day started with morning diwaan. The younger children had a meditation class with Bibi Kulwant Kaur jee and keertan class in the morning and the elder group had a talk by Bhaji Kuljeet Singh jee (Leicester) on "Origin and structure of Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee" followed by a relaxation exercise class led by Veer Baldeep Singh. After Langar, Bhaji Kuljeet Singh did a workshop on Ingredients of a Sikh with the younger children and Bhaji Harjinder Singh jee (Walsall) gave a talk on "Birth, Life, Death and Beyond according to Gurbani". The day ended with Keertan, Simran and a short Q&A session.

Some photos:

Morning Diwaan.

Bhaji Vijay Singh and Veer Bikram Singh doing Keertan with the younger group.

Dastaar tying class.

Veer Baldeep Singh doing relaxation exercises.

Bhaji Kuljeet Singh with younger group discussing "Ingredients of a Sikh

Bhaji Amarjeet Singh and Veer Baldeep Singh with younger children. (Looks like someone has been munching on the chocolates!).

Ice-cream with strawberries!

Amrit Bhenji and Raj Bhenji.

Bhenjis eating Langar.

Veer Ravjeet Singh and Bhaji Bhupinder Singh :)

Bhaji Kuljeet Singh doing vichaar on Ingredients of a Sikh with the elder group.

Bhaji Bhupinder Singh doing Simran with the children. They played really fun games like "Musical Simran statues". Even the elders felt like joining in!

Final Hukamnama was read by 10 year old Amritpal Singh.

Bhenji Hardeep Kaur jee (Coventry) who regularly attends the Monday Leamington Simran programme kindly made a cake for the Sikh Activity Weekend. Bhenji was busy on Saturday, so she just came and dropped off the cake and went back home. Waheguru. The cake looked so nice that no one felt like eating it. Waheguru.

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee.


cov_singh_tj said...

great camp!

Paman said...

looks amazing, look bhai, i dont mean to be rude, but why dont you do something like this in Scotland?


cov_singh_tj said...

because its scotland... haha

Singh Sabha Zindabad said...

Bhai sahib Gursikhs go where ever they are called. Local Sangat need to help in organising you dont get everything on a plate just sitting there. Thats life :p LOL hehe

Anonymous said...


I wish someone here in all of California would inspire the youth to come to the Gurdwara as the British Sikhs have done.

I hope 1-day this will happen in all the temples across America.


Basss Singh (AKAAAAAALLL) said...

Chardi Kala :)