Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Car Tyre Story

It's been a while that I have posted anything about my travels! I've been requested by someone to post about this and they sent some photos as well! :)

Last week (13th Oct) at the Monday Leamington Gurdwara Simran programme the Sangat celebrated Bhenji Sonia Kaur's birthday. Sangat came from Coventry and Birmingham and it was chardikala programme.

I had parked my car outside the Gurdwara entrance. After the programme had finished I went to get in my car and someone said, "Bhaji you have a flat tyre." In the dark I couldn't really see much from the distance but looking closer you could see that the rear driver side tyre was totally flat. The whole thing was crazy! Someone was saying something, someone else saying something else and a lot of people including myself were clueless what to do! Waheguru.

One person suggested, "Bhaji drive to the nearest petrol station and fill up they tyre with air." Another person said, "Your tyre is so flat that even if you fill it up it with air, it will most likely deflate again on the way home." Someone else said, "Even if you drive a small distance it will ruin the tyre." I was so confused! Waheguru. Imagine - late, dark, cold and you want to go home!

I must say the most clued up person there was Bhaji Preetam Singh (Coventry)! Waheguru. Bhaji got out the spare tyre from the boot and said he will change it. Daas and a few other Singhs (I won't mention any names to save embarrassment) admitted that we didn't know how to change a tyre! I went to look for the spanner in the boot so that the tyre could be changed but I couldn't find it. Then Preetam Singh Bhaji checked and he couldn't find it. Then someone else checked and they couldn't see it either. So we had a spare tyre but no spanner! Waheguru.

Then one Bhenji (won't name any names to save embarrassment. lol) said, "Bhaji I have a spanner you can use." Bhenji opened her boot and said, "Here, you can use my car spanner." I looked at what Bhenji was pointing to and it wasn't a spanner, it was the car jack! Waheguru! lol. I thought I was clueless about cars! Sat Naam, Waheguru.

Eventually someone said, "Ring the car recovery people." So I rang them. What a nightmare! I was on the phone to the Direct Line Recovery people and because there was so much noise being made by everyone around me I couldn't hear a thing the lady was saying! She said something and I said, "Sorry, can you repeat that." The lady got so frustrated that she said with annoyed voice, "Sir you can please stand somewhere quiet so at least you can hear what I am saying!." Waheguru. Eventually the lady called for a recovery person to come down and change the tyre.

Surprisingly the recovery man turned up very quickly (about 20 minutes). He changed the tyre and put the temporary tyre in. The tyre had become flat because a nail had got stuck in. We had to drive home at 50mph. Eventually got home!

Recovery man checking the tyre.

Recovery man changing tyre - Daas, Preetam Singh Bhaji and Pardip Singh watching.

Signing the form (in the dark!). I could barely see!

The next day I took the car to the garage and got the tyre replaced. I asked the garage worker to double-check if I had a spanner in the boot to change the tyre (because there was supposed to be on in there). The man found the spanner in 1 minute or less! I was so shocked! I suppose it was so dark when everyone checked before that no one could see the black spanner in the car! Waheguru.


Ravjeet Singh said...

Sounds like you had more than enough spanners standing around. I thought the typical sterotype of women not being able to change tyres was bad... vaheguroo :p

Cov_Singh_Tj said...

ahhahahahahahaha we all need to go on some tyre course or something. i had to take them pics on a sly incase the gora saw me. Manvir singh didnt know i took the pictures neither. The new tyre looked proper funny too, there was 3 normal size vectra tyres and this small one with bright red paint on it which looked odd!

Anonymous said...

Surely the car jack was just as important as the spanner!!

Pardip Singh "Dhadi" said...

it was a really funny night. manvir did not know what to do. he oculd of used his supernatural powers which he has gained over the past few years. but chalo, he stayed as a gursikh and didnt use them.

it was a very good simran divaan. maybe manvir you could posted something about the sonia kaurs birthday.

we suggested to manvir to call the recovery people first. but he said it was singhian di besti, thats why he didnt phone...but noone apart from preetam knew how to change the tyre.

Mr. Singh said...

off topic. but thanks for your programme at Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurdwara Sahib in bradford last week. It was really informative, and a bit of an eye opener. Look forward to seeing you there again in the new future

Anonymous said...

Will your insurance premium go up?

Anonymous said...

supernatural powers really??

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...


Premium doesn't go up for using recovery service.

And I think Pardip Singh is watching far too many cartoons in his spare time and perhaps mistaken me for having some powers like Spiderman or Banana Man (I wish!) LOL. Bhai Sahib just to clarify Spiderman, Banana Man or the Magnificent 7 are NOT real. :)

Guru Bhallaa Kare.

Anonymous said...

Banana Man? More like Cha Singh


and Pardip can be Coffee Singh LOLL :D

Anonymous said...

LOL!! i never posted that about cha - honestly!!!

Anyways im just tut- tutting my way through this !

*imagines the singhs in England trying to get organised to come to Scotland *

" Chullo Singho, lets get going, long drive"

"erm, how do you start the car ?"


Good to hear from your personal experiences (should that be mishaps?)

Paman Singh

PS any thoughts on when you want to become Akal Takht Jathedar yet?! :p