Thursday, September 04, 2008

Khalsa Camp 2008 photos

Khalsa Camp 2008 was AMAZING!!

Sangat, Keertan, Amrit-Vela and Chardi Kalaa Gursikhs!

Dhan Guru, Dhan Guru Ke Piyaare!

Here's some photos from the camp (taken from Ravjeet Singh's flickr and Bhaji Jaskirat Singh's flickr):

Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee

Evening Diwaan.


The Khalsa Camp experience! (Bhaji Jaskeerat Singh and Bhaji Bhupinder Singh (Bass) getting knocked out with an overdose of muffins and milk!).

Langar sewadaars (making makki di roti!).


Bhaji Rajdeep Singh, Veerji from Edinburgh, Bhai Butta Singh and Veer Jasjit Singh.

The bhaji wearing the orange rumaal did so much sevaa throughout the camp. It was very inspiring to see. Waheguru!

Group photo with Veer ji from Edinburgh, Bhaji Harmeet Singh and Ravjeet Singh.

Bhaji Harbir Singh jee. Waheguru.

Youth & Social Issues workshop.

Bouncy castle. A few paghs nearly came off! Waheguru.

Pardip Singh and Charankamal Singh racing one another on the "Big Bounce" (as you can see Charankamal was in the lead!).

Bonfire night. Bhai Satvinder Singh sharing some thoughts.

Bhai Bhupinder Singh (Bass) asking a question.

Dr. D shared some scary stories! (Some people near the back got scared!!!).

Bhaji Sukhwinder Singh doing a talk.

Sangat in lecture hall.

Happy-chappy Singhs. Bhaji Jaskeerat Singh and Bhaji Jaskeerat Singh.

Chardi Kalaa Gursikhs.

Bhai Joginder Singh jee answering questions doing the Q&A session. Waheguru.

Bhai Pardip Singh reading the Panthic Sikh Rehit Maryada.

Dastaar-tying class.


Group photo with Scotland Singhs! Waheguru.


Climbing wall.

Sangat doing Simran before talk starting.

Bhai Jagjeet Singh jee talking about Panthic pyaar and eikta.

Jathedaar Bhai Ravjeet Singh.

Rainasbaaee Keertan on last night od

Bhenji from Leamington doing Keertan.

Bhai Atma Singh jee's inspirational talk on how he found Guru jee and Guru jee did Kirpaa on him in life.

Panj Singh lead the way as Satguru Maharaaj leaves the camp site on the last day.

Jathedaar Bhai Sahib Raghbir Singh jee carrying Satguru's Pavitar Svaaree.

For more photos, check

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Sikhee


Anonymous said...


i should have gone. vaheguroo.

Anonymous said...

^^ Next year Guru Kirpa! =)

Anonymous said...

Khalsa camp looks great!

I have to say its great to see so many gursikhs.

Anonymous said...

veer manvir singh u rock!! i love ur talks!! totally inspiring!!

Anonymous said...

Truly amazing camp! Wonderful accommodation, wonderful langar, and wonderful vichaar. Everything was great.

Well done to the organizers.

Anonymous said...

KCCF KCCF KCCF (khalsa camp commander force) originated KC08.