Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keertan on Campus Photos

On Wednesday, University of Birmingham Sikh Society held its first event for the academic year - Keertan on Campus. Students and Gursikhs got together and done Keertan together at the university chapel. Afterwards there were samosey and refreshments.

Photos from the event (taken from flickr):

Bhaji Bhupinder Singh (Bass) doing keertan.

Bhaji Amandeep Singh doing Keertan.

Bhenji doing Keertan.

Gurbani Vichaar at the end.

Keep up-to-date with the Sikhi events taken place around University of Birmingham on their website:

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Anonymous said...

Now pyaro Manvir ji, I notice your briskness in Sikhnet forums, you quite have such posts! But persomally I think you have to take a break once a while, hence forums are quite addicting! Such vigour you have!

Anonymous said...

Fun packed Discussions, Kirtan, Q&A, Workshops and much more!

10am till 3pm @

Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha - Hounslow
Alice Way, Hanworth Road,
Hounslow, Middx.,
TW3 3UA, UK.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Guru Pyaari'o,

I don't post on SikhNet Forum nor am I member of the Forum. There are several "Manvir Singh" and "Manvir S Khalsa" usernames. None of those usernames are me, I think the "Manvir S Khalsa" is a veerji from America. Guru Jaane.

The forum where I occasionally post is on Panthic Network forum (known as Discover Sikhi Forum).

Hope that clears up.

Manvir Singh

teji said...

gurufateh bhaji ki hal chal
listen ji i am working on a project with Sikhs for Justice
and on November second we are having a worldwide petition signing
we need Sikhs from all corners of the world
if you would like to help with this seva please do let me know
we need volenteers and any help from the uk would be greratly appriciated
the main seva would be putting up a table at either aa local gurudwara or a uni and getting signitures
if you can help please let me know bhaji
thanks a ton
guru rakha
teji kaur