Monday, June 02, 2008

Photos from Leamington Sikhi Workshop

On Friday 30th May a One-Day Sikhi Workshop was held at Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara Sahib. The camp was organised by the Education Group Committee at Leamington and Warwick Gurdwara with Sikh Seva sevadaars helping out. In such a short time all the sewadaars did a great job in the getting the camp organised, in particular Bhaji Baljinder Singh (Bali bhaji). The day begun with Simran and Prakaash seva followed by Hukamnama. The first workshop was a group work activity on the life of Guru Arjan Dev jee followed by a presentation highlighting Guru Sahib's main contributions to Sikhi. After lunch the younger children played games and made posters, and the elder group had a talk on Sacrifice. The camp ended with Simran and final Ardaas & Hukamnama.

Surprise celebrity guest... Can you guess who it is? (Note: please do not copy this pose, veiling one's face in the Gurdwara is not allowed. Thanks. lol)

The one and only Mr. Dhadi welcoming the children.

Satguru's Parkaash

Hukamnama for start of camp

Hukamnama vichaar in English

Bhenji Kirat Kaur reading Anand Sahib.

Children putting their hands up to do Chaur Sahib di seva (very eager children!).

Veer Dalraj Singh

All campers were divided into mixed aged groups and were given an activity sheet (kindly printed by Bhaji Baljinder Singh) to complete on the life of Guru Arjan Dev jee:

Pardip Singh spraying Rose air-freshener spray around the Diwaan hall whilst Sangat were doing group work. I don't know whether this was a hint or something. hehe.

Bhai Tarunjeet Singh's group going through the answers for the activity.

Presentation on Guru Arjan Dev jee's jeevan.


Young Balwinder Singh from Oxford doing Simran.

Bhaji Harbir Singh from London with Bhai Vijay Singh on tablaa.

Young Amritpal Singh doing Keertan.

Awards being given out at the end of the camp by Bhenji Rajinder Kaur Gill and Bhenji Surjeet Kaur.

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee
(Note: Peterborough Sikhi Activity Day photos will be posted up in the next few days).


Anonymous said...

anymore pics?

Anonymous said...


It is Very Nice to see that the kids enjoyed this one day camp :)

Dhan Guru Dhan Guru Pyareh


Bhupinder Singh (Bass)

Anonymous said...

I was At the Peterborough Sikh Activity Day i'm on both of the photos on the bit were it says 'The youngsters were divided into groups and given a team work task. The task was that they had to build a Gurdwara using paper and card:' the one with the blue and white strippy jumper