Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photos from West Brom Vaisakhi Camp

From 3rd to 4th April 2008, there was a Vaisakhi camp held at Edward Street Gurdwara, West Brom. The camp was organised by young Gursikhs, open to all ages. The camp was held with the main theme of Vaisakhi and also the martyrdom of the 13 Gursikhs in 1978. Daas attend the first day.

Below are photos from the camp (taken from Bhaji Bhupinder's Flickr:

Children's class.

Bhaji Bhupinder Singh ji doing a talk on how he got into Sikhi (Waheguru! The camera is really in his face!).

Slide showing photographs of Bhaji Bhupinder Singh ji before he came into Sikhi and took Amrit.

Talk on Vaisakhi.

Langar time! Baba ji with colourful Bana looking interested in Bhaji Kurbaan Singh's chips!

Bibi Daljeet Kaur ji giving a talk on Sikh Women.

Bhenji and the cartoon Bhenji look like sisters!

Painting class (this looks really fun!).

Gatka Akhaaraa.

Painting of Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh by the children.


Sangat on last day.

Bhaji presenting certificates. Potential for Gurdwara Stage Secretary post.


Anonymous said...

vaaheguroo...! keep up the great seva..:-)

Sukhbir Singh said...

Guru di fateh alway's.....!where this sangat from all are religious.I don't have any of my sikh friend's nectar
individuals,I'm 18 year's old,residing in Hyderabad.