Sunday, March 16, 2008

Slough Sikh Youth Day

On Saturday, the Slough Sikh youth held a camp and Keertan Darbaar. The camp was held at Lea Junior School and the Keertan Darbaar was held at Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Sheehy Way, in the evening.

About 50 youngsters, aged 11 years and over, attended the camp. Daas did a Ten Gurus time-line session with the youngsters, Bhai Nirmal Singh jee (Slough) did discussions, and Shin-Kin did fitness and self-defence.

Below are some photos (taken from

Start of camp. Getting everyone into groups.

Bhai Nirmal Singh doing a talk.

Groups making 10 Guru Sahib's period timeline:


Group 1 putting together their time-line.

Group 3 presenting.

Group 2 presenting.

Going through the Time-line on the computer.


Bhai Nirmal Singh Ji.

Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee at Sheehy Way Gurdwara Sahib.

Evening Keertan Darbaar at Sheehy Way Gurdwara.

Bhenji doing Keertan. The Singh who did Tablaa sevaa (from Southall) played very well!

The Keertan Darbaar went on to 12 am but I had to leave early because it was a very long day. The Pizzas in the evening were so tasty! I must say that Slough's Pizza's are famous :)

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Anonymous said...

Did any of the gurus have any children? If so does that mean that their are members of there family still alive today?