Friday, February 22, 2008

Leamington Spa Weekend Camp (Final Part)

On Sunday, after the morning Diwaan and Hukamnama explanation, the campers were given numbers and divided into ten small mixed groups for the "Contribution of all Ten Gurus" class. Each group was given an A3 size card paper which had 10 boxes printed on it. Each box has each of the Guru Sahibs name on it. In addition to this the groups were given fifty small cards. Each card had a word, phrase or name on it. Under each Guru Sahib's name there needed to be five cards put correctly which relate to the Jeevan (life) or contributions of the particular Guru Sahib. For example, the card with "Bhai Mardana jee" went under Guru Nanak Dev jee, and "Keeratpur Sahib" would go under Guru Hargobind Sahib jee.

It was a really interactive session and everyone was talking and discussing each card and where it should go. Some cards could go in one or more boxes so they had to really think where each card appropriately went and justify the reason for placing it in the place where the group put it. The exercise aimed to highlight the need to learn and read up on history and know about our Gurus and great ancestors.

Getting stuck in!

Bhaji Jivanpal Singh (Southall) with his group.

Trying to get answers!

Taking a break.

Happy looking group!

Shining bright with the sun!

Lots of thinking!

Lots of discussion.

Getting deep into it!

Aunty jees relaxing at the back.

Afterwards each group went through the answers for one Guru Sahib. As they did this, if they got any wrong they were corrected so that everyone could alter their work sheet and also cards were explained in terms of what they mean and how it is related to the particular Guru Sahib.

In the afternoon there was Langar! The next session was dastaar tying. As usual everyone had lots of fun. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunate for some I had a huge rang of different colour Dastaars because from a previous camp someone had donated lots of Dastaars but the colours were let's say not usual!

Bhai Surinder Singh jee (moved to Midlands from Glasgow) helping to tie Dastaars.

Proud grandmother with her grandson who said he doesn't want to cut his Kesh anymore and is going to become a Singh.

Two happy chappy young Singhs!

This boy learnt a Simran tune at the camp and also he stood up in the Sangat and promised to never dishonour his Kesh again and become a Singh. Waheguru.

Young bhenji having her hair tied up on top of her head ready for her Dastaar.

This boy also stood up in the Sangat and promised in the camp that he would not cut his Kesh again and become a Singh. Waheguru.

Bhenji looking happy with her Dastaar!

Bhaji Pavitar Singh and Jivanpal Singh tying an odd colour Dumaallaa (note: there was no choice in colour because all the blue and other colour dastaars ran out! lol. Looks like someone's getting ready to get married!).

First time I seen someone wear a red coloured round style Dastaar or Dumaallaa. Waheguru. (Bhaji Manjot Singh on the side, enjoying the festive colours! hehehe).

Uncle Shingara Singh giving awards to the the seven teenagers (4 boys and 3 girls) who promised stop cutting or trimming any of their hair and become Keshdhari.

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Cross Roads (Coventry), helped out at the camp and kindly did sewa of providing Sant-Sipahi bags, literature, and Simran CDs to give to all campers. The bags looked really "jazzy" (if that's the word!). Also each bag had a Gutka Sahib of "My Daily Prayer Book" which has Gurmukhi and Romanised text so that children can work towards including Japji Sahib, Rehraas Sahib and Sohila Sahib as part of their Nitnem (daily routine).

The camp ended with everyone reciting Mool Mantar.

The final camp Ardaas was performed and the final Hukamnama with explanation was read.

The camp was really fun and all the local sewadaars worked really hard to make it well organised and enjoyable. May Guru Sahib bless all the organisers with more Sewa.

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee.


Rudolf said...

Guroo Pyario the dastara look fantastic :)

The colour scheme is chardi kala shame Bhaji Pardip Singh missed out on all the fun.

Anonymous said...

vaheguroo ji ka khalsa vaheguroo ji ki phatehi !

the camp was sik , 2 much piaar between evry1. the kids were so eager to do maharajs sewa. daas and pavitar singh helped the kids do chaur sahib , n evry 2 mins anova kid would come and say " paaji, lemi do sewa now pls !" yeaa man we need pardip singh next camp , cn hav a special dhadh class , all the future dhadhi jatheh ! ahhah

daaasn daas jivanpal singh

vaheguroo ji ka khalsa vaheguroo ji ki phathei

Concerned Singh said...

what's happened to Pardip Bhaji? Why wasn't he at at the camp?

Is he okay?

Photos look really really nice :)

Anonymous said...

I herd he has got a job in SGPC.

Anonymous said...

pardip singh jis in punjab!!

Anonymous said...

the camp was simply brilliant - many thanks to Manvir Singh for making all the workshops so interesting and generally for inspiring the kids soooo much

Dharmveer Singh said...


What a beautiful sewa from our brother Manvir Singh. It always makes me happy to see Sangat stand and say they are going to stop cutting their hair. Guru Kirpa Karaeh to all

Harminder Singh said...

Great sewa bhaji. May waheguru bless all. One sikh figure which only few youth know of is Bhagat Puran Singh of Pingalwara Amritsar.His life is an inspiration.Any words are less to describe what he did for humanity . I am trying to put his biography and pics on .may be in some camps you can let kids(and elders) know what he did and who he was.

Anonymous said...

bhai sahib , im sure bhagat puran singh ji was mentioned in this camp? in the talk by bhaji vijay singh