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From a Weed to a Rose

I came across an article on the forum. The article is called, "From a Weed to a Rose: Transformation of a Humbled Man", written by Bhai Jagdeesh Singh (California). Bhai Sahib was born in a Hindu family and took Amrit and become a Sikh in his 30s when living in America. He writes about his visit to India to see his family and attend a Keertan Smaagam (programme). His brother was very sick and his death was near. In a conversation with his brother Bhai Sahib suggested the only way to free oneself from their karmic account and be set free from Maya is through Amrit. His brother agreed to take Amrit and listening to the discipline (Rehat) of the Khalsa he agreed to adopt the Guru's teachings.

Below is an extract from the article Bhai Sahib has written that really moved me:

"...Finally on January 20th 2004, his day came to take Amrit. I told him to take a full shower and wear clean clothes. I gave him a new kacchera and tied a new turban on his head. He was a bit nervous. He gave me a big hug. I could feel his body shivering. I started slowly and softly doing simran while I held him in my arms. I felt his body getting calmer and his shivering dissipating by the calming effect of the Naam.

Some Singhs came and took us in their van to where the Amrit Sanchaar was taking place in "Raani Baagh". When we got there Sukhmani Sahib was running. After Sodar da Paatth and Ardas, Singhs made preparations for the Amrit Sanchaar seva. I desired to be at my brother’s side when it was his time to pesh (be present before) in front of the Guru as he was rather weak and was likely to need moral support. However the Singhs from inside the Guru’s Darbaar called me inside during the interview process, now in progress, done to select suitable Singhs to participate in the Panj Piaarey seva instead. They commanded me that I take seva in Panj Piaarey. I folded my hands and humbly said that I wanted to be next to my brother when it was time to present himself as a candidate for Amrit. They said he would need to ‘pesh’ alone but I was to do the seva. I could only listen to the will of Singhs and do as they told me to do.

When it was time, my brother sat with all the other candidates who were to pesh in front of Guru Sahib. Daasra was given seva in the Panj itself. Knowing the delicate protocol of Panj Piaarey seva, having done this seva over the years, daas stood at such a position that my brother would not be influenced so much by my physical proximity there. When he came inside, he bowed his head to Guru Sahib and repeated "Waheguru". Since he could not stand well on his own, the Panj gave him permission to lean against the wall to complete the interview.

The Panj Piaarey asked him why he had come to Guru Sahib’s court. He answered:

"I have come to pay my debts with Guru Gobind Singh. I am an "akrit-ghan" (ungrateful) Hindu who has overlooked the kurbanee (sacrifice) of Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak Dev jee’s teachings. Guru Gobind Singh has given his 4 sahibzaadey (sons), his army and himself for Hindustan and we as a nation turned our faces from Guru Sahib. If my body skin were made into "chappals" (sandals), I could not repay the dues for what he has given to us and to Hindustan.

I came here in Dargaah (court) to ask for his apology and be forgiven the sins I have done to him. Maybe Guru, in His kindness will take me out of this Hindu "joonee" (lifetime or existence) and bless me with his Amrit that I may serve Him as a Sikh. I have for years been watching my youngest brother growing spiritually so far from us as an Amritdhaaree baptized Singh. I have been watching his love and devotion developing and observed him changing so much from who he was before. He became a very pious soul now. I want the Guru to kindly grant me the same baksheesh (blessing) so that in this life and coming lives I can serve Guru Gobind Singh and perhaps repay my debt to him.”

Hearing his plea, the Panj Piaarey became very sentimental and taken aback. I also was stunned and tears welled in my eyes. I had no idea where within him this came from. I had never said anything of this kind to him. The Panj Piaarey asked him if he would sacrifice his life and head to Guru jee. My brother answered: "If my body is cut piece by piece I still am not be able to repay the dues of Guru Gobind Singh. Kaadrey hardhaar Guru Gobind Singh, Be Khasaaraa yaar Guru Gobind Singh.” He kept going and on about the virtues of Guru Gobind Singh. I was standing at a distance listening to his painful heartfelt discourse. I had never suspected the incredible love that was sitting in his soul for Guru Gobind Singh jee.

The Panj Piaarey decreed that he was to be given full Amrit and, among other instructions, he was not to cut his hair for his remaining life. He gave his promise to Guru Sahib, did Mathaa tekh (bowed in obeisance) and went outside..."


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