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Shaheed Bhai Uday Singh Jee

This post is in tribute to Bhai Uday Singh jee who became martyred in the December 1704 whilst bravely protecting the Sikhs during the evacuation of Anandpur Sahib. May Waheguru bless us all with Gursikhi Jeevan, Rehat and blessings of Naam and inspire us when remembering the great Gursikhs who lived, earned and died with Guru Sahib in their hearts. Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Guru ke Sikh.


Family Serving the Guru
Bhai Uday Singh jee was the third son of Bhai Mani Singh jee (the famous Shaheed who was martyred by being cut limb by limb) from Alipur in Multan district (now in Pakistan). Bhai Mani Siṅgh jee along along with his four sons were spiritually reborn into the Khalsa and received the gift of the Amrit of the double-edged sword on Vaisakhi 1699. The whole family offered themselves to serve the House of the Guru. Bhai Bachiter Singh jee and Bhai Uday Singh jee, were two of the four sons who were part of Guru Gobind Singh jee's band of 25 Sikhs who escorted Guru Sahib.

Brave Warrior
Bhai Uday Singh was a very good marksman. Once, while he and a few other Sikhs accompanied Guru Gobind Singh jee on a hunting expedition, they were suddenly attacked by two Hill chiefs named Balia Chand and Alam Chand. One of the Guru jee's Singhs, called Bhai Alam Singh jee, fought with the hill chief Alam Chand and cut off his right arm with a single stroke of his sword. Bhai Uday Singh surged forward and caused serious injury to the Hill Chief Balia Chand with a gun shot. With both the Hill chiefs seriously injured the soldier accompaning the two Hill Chiefs made a quick retreat into the thick jungle. Guru Sahib praised Bhai Uday Singh jee’s brave act in the battle in presence of Sikh Sangat.

The day before the Battle of Anandpur
On the eve of the first battle of Anandpur in 1700, Bhai Uday Singh jee, after assisting in the strengthening of defences, took over command of the reserve. According to Bhai Santokh Singh's "Sri Gur Prataap Sooraj Granth", it was through him that Sahibzaada Ajeet Singh jee, the eldest son of Guru Gobind Singh jee, asked for his father's permission to take part in the combat. Guru Sahib agreed but asked Bhai Uday Singh jee to accompany him with 100 warriors. Bhai Uday Singh jee fought valiantly in the battle and although wounded severely during the first day's battle he continued to serve the Guru and fought to protect the Sikhs.

Bhai Bachitar Singh jee & the Drunk Elephant
Bhim Chand and Kesri Chand were full of high spirits and vowed to clear the city of Anandpur of Sikhs in a single day. The plan was to break the gate of Sri Anandpur Sahib using a drunk intoxicated elephant which was covered with armour, shields and sharp weapons. They hoped that the elephant would push down the gates and trample and kill the Sikhs. Guru Sahib gave Bhai Bachitar Singh jee the Hukam (order) to crush the enemy elephant. Guru Sahib said, "You are my lion and I will crush the pride of that elephant and his owners through you. I will give you the powerful Nagni spear and you will crush that elephant’s pride with it. You will hit the elephant so strongly that he will never come towards our fort again and will run back crushing his own army. Keep your calm, don’t get worried and have no doubt. Don’t have fear of death and keep faith, and your good name will be known for generations.” The single Khalsa, Bhai Bachitar Singh jee, injured the big elephant which then turned back to run towards the enemy and crushed the enemy soldiers.

Angry Raja Keskri Chand

Raja Kesri Chand got terribly upset and angry over the defeat against the drunk elephant and the damage the elephant had caused against his soldiers. Guru Sahib responded saying that just like Bachitter Singh took on the elephant, will any Soorma Singh (warrior Singh) take on Kesri Chand too. When Guru Sahib said it the third time, Bhai Uday Singh jee who was sitting there humbly said, “Do kirpa on me Maharaj, I will fight this formidable enemy.” At this very moment, Bhai Uday Singh jee dared Kesri Chand for a straight man to man fight. With "Waheguru" on his lips, Bhai Uday Singh jee launched a lightening attack and cut off the head of Kesri Chand and mounting the same (head) on his spear, returned to the Fort. With the death of their commander-in-chief, the Hill forces retreated in fear. Bhai Uday Singh jee was declared, the hero of that battle. He led the Guru Sahib's forces against the army of Hill chiefs in the fifth battle of Anandpur Sahib and inflicted heavy casualities on the enemy forces.

Evacuation of Sri Anandpur Sahib
Thereafter, combined forces of Hill chiefs and those of Emperor Aurangzeb laid a siege of Sri Anandpur Sahib, lasting more than 6 months. Guru Gobind Singh jee vacated Anandpur Sahib at midnight on 20th December 1704. The enemy forces, violated their vows on the Quran and the "sacred cow" of the Hindus. They attacked Guru jee and the Sikhs leaving the fort. Bhai Uday Singh jee along with Bhai Daya Singh jee, Bhai Alam Singh jee and other brave Sikh warriours, kept the enemy at bay under the leadership of Sahibzaada Ajeet Singh for a considerable time, helping the Sikhs and Guru Sahib to cross over the stormy and overflowing Sirsa River.

Shaheedi (Martyrdom)
Bhai Uday Singh jee took over command of the rear-guard from Sahibzaada Ajeet Singh jee, as the Sikh men, women, children and Guru Sahib were marching out after evacuating Anandpur. Imbued with the colour of Naam and with "Waheguru" on each breath, Bhai Uday Singh jee fought desperately against the Mughal & Hindu Hill Chieftain's armies, who outnumbered the small group of Sikhs. Eventually Bhai Sahib was struck with the enemy's sword and attained martyrdom. Bhai Uday Singh jee laid down his life fighting against a cruel and treacherous regime for the freedom of the opressed. He was martyred at a low mound called "Shaahee Tibbee", 6 km south of Keeratpur. A small Gurdwara Sahib at Shaahee Tibbee now honours Bhai Sahib's memory. Bhai Uday Singh jee is part of a family of who served and died for Guru Sahib whenever there was a call for sewa and kurbani.

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