Monday, December 03, 2007

Booking a Driving Test

When I was at Sixth Form College studying for my A-Levels (about 5 years ago), I started my driving lessons. After some time my driving instructor put my name down for a driving test. The DVLA (Driving & Vehicle Licensing Agency) were to ring me and confirm the date and time.

One day I was sitting in my A-Level English class when my phone rang. I forgot to put it on silent so I got it out and said "Hello". Someone in a (really strong) Indian accent, "Hello, Hello.... Hello... is this Manvir Singh!" I thought it either my brother or cousin playing a prank on me on the phone (as they usually do - using weird accent, pretending to be random people). I laughed and said, "I know who it is" and put the phone down. Everyone was shocked that I answered the phone in class (the class only had about 15 students). But I said to the teacher "Sorry, my brother was playing a prank." He said it was okay. (I remember one girl said it was not fair that when she answered her phone that she got told off and that I didn't get told off. hehehe).

Then 2 minutes later the phone rings again. (This time my phone was on vibration). I said, "Sorry Sir, I am expecting a phone call from the DVLA for my driving lesson." He said its okay to answer. Again it was the same Indian voice (sounded like an old uncle who can barely speak English). I said, "Hello" and he replied "Hello... Hello... is this Manvir Singh. I rang before..." I started to laugh and after a few seconds put the phone back down. I thought my brother must be bored that he keeps ringing me and yet I am supposed to be waiting for an important call. Then 10 minutes later my mum rang my mobile and said, "Manvir, I've just recieved a phone call from the DVLA." My mum said that the man sounded really annoyed and frustrated. The first thing the man said after saying that he was calling from the DVLA was, "Is you son mentally okay? Does he suffer any mental problems?" My mum was a bit shocked and taken aback and said "Erm... no he doesn't suffer any mental problems." The man replied, "Well, every time I ring him, he laughs and doesn't say anything." Waheguru. I explained to my mum that I thought it was my brother playing a prank because it was a like a strong Indian accent (similar to the prank calls my brother does pretending to be a random uncle).

When I got off the phone and explained to my teacher and the class what had happened, it put a smile on everyone's face and everyone had a good laugh. After my class I went home for the day. I had to ring the DVLA. Unfortunately it was the same Indian man. I felt so embarrassed talking to him. He sounded annoyed and said "So its you again." Waheguru. I eventually booked my lesson.


Anonymous said...

That post is the only thing that has made me smile all day!

Thank you bhaji :)

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HAHA, funny guyyyyy

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hahaha oh hooo

manvir singh di shame shame ho giii

good laugh