Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Last Friday Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara Sahib held a weekend camp. The camp was organised by Gurdwara Sahib and local Sevadaars. Around 70 children attended the camp. The talks were on "Seva" (selfless-service), "Simran" (meditating upon God), "Kurbani" (sacrifice) and "Panj Chor" (five spiritual thieves). The children were divided into three groups - under 10 yrs, 11-14 yrs and 15+.

The children were so well behaved! It was a pleasure to do a class with children that were so respectful, attentive and interested. The children at Leamington are one of the best groups of children I have seen! They are credit to their parents and the Sangat. May Waheguru keep them in Chardi Kalaa and bless them with GurSikhi jeevan.

I had to leave just before 4pm because I had to catch a flight to Edinburgh. Aunty jees made sure that I had plenty of Pakoray and Jaleebis to eat before setting off. Waheguru. (The Jaleebis & Pakoray were really tasty). Bhajee Vijay Singh drove me to the train station. I stood in the queue to to buy the train ticket but it wasn't moving fast so I decided to go outside and buy a ticket from the machine. An elderly man who worked at the train station offered to help me. He said, "Sir, let me help you. Where are you going?... I will get the ticket for you and save you any trouble." Waheguru. I think he thought I hadn't used the machine before or that I was from abroad and needed help. lol. But the man was trying to be helpful so I let him push the buttons on the screen. But, he was bit slow at doing it, so I pushed the buttons. It was quite funny because he thought I had never used the machine before and he was surprised I could use it. Waheguru! I thanked the man for his kindness anyway. He then looked at my Kirpaan and said, "Sir, I really like your sword. It looks beautiful." Waheguru.

The train was delayed by 30 minutes! Getting on the train and standing there was a NIGHTMARE. It was like squashing chickens into a cage (not that I know how it feels to be a chicken)! Waheguru. People were pushing, shoving and I was standing with little room to breathe or move. The worst thing was when people look at you and expect you to make room for them when there's no room to move! You are squashed as it is with the added pressure of someone saying, "Erm... can you move down slightly." Waheguru. I thanked Waheguru when the airport station arrived!

With Guru Sahib's Kirpaa I got to the airport. This time there were no weird security people stopping me and asking me weird questions like "Are you a Sat-Sangi?" or "Do you learn about 10 Gurus in your degree." I arrived at Edinburgh in the evening. Bhajee Roshan Singh came to pick me up.

We walked to the car park and Bhajee paid for the parking at a machine. We got in the car and made our way to the exit. The car was pulled up at the barrier where you had to put the ticket into the machine for the barrier to open. But guess what happens? Bhajee Roshan Singh LOSES the ticket. Sat Naam, Waheguru. We were looking left, right and centre for the ticket in the car. Bhajee even got out of the car and emptied his pockets. Behind us there were two cars waiting to get out. Looked slightly embarrassing. I felt sorry for Bhajee. After a good few minutes, Bhajee decided to check inside the car. The ticket had slipped from the dashboard into the door's pocket. So we eventually got out!

It was great to see the Edinburgh Sangat - Bhajee Gulab Singh who organised the programme to celebrate his 10 years old son's birthday, Bhajee Dharmveer Singh, Bhajee Harvinder Singh and everyone. On Saturday the Rainasbaaee Keertan went so well. It was Edinburgh's first ever Rainasbaaee Keertan. Sangat from Glasgow came down in a coach which really lifted the spirits! Waheguru! There were about 20 or so Keertani from across UK. One Chardikalaa Naujawan GurSikh from Glasgow played the tablaa throughout the night (getting little rest due to there being only two tablaa players). Despite feeling tired he played the tablaa in Chardi Kalaa! It was very inspirational to see some members of the Sangat absorbed in Keertan from start to end (6pm to 4am). May Waheguru do more kirpaa and more Rainasbaaees take place in Scotland.

Some photos from Edinburgh:

The Royal Botanic Gardens

Edinburgh Sangat doing Keertan

Display board in Langar Hall


Local children


Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teri Sikhi!


Anonymous said...

vjkkvjkf manvir phajee!!!

did you meet paman phajee from sikhi camp? i was in ur group lol and scottieeee!


Anonymous said...

More Photos from the Edinburgh Reinsabhai at


Recordings will be going up on www.Sikhsoul.com soon!

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Anonymous jee - Yes, Daas met Bhajee Paman Singh :)

Guru Raakhaa

Anonymous said...

Click the below link to listen to and download the recordings


Then right click and select 'save target as' to download!