Friday, July 20, 2007

France Gurmat Camp 2007 (Part 2)

The day before I was set to fly to France I lost my passport. Waheguru! It was late in the evening and I was packing my bag and I went to the drawer where my passport was kept but I couldn't find it. I looked on my desk and elsewhere but couldn't find it! I thought to myself, "It had to be me! Why O why!" I asked my mum to help me look for the passport. We looked everywhere - even under the bed and pillow (not that I sleep with my passport under my pillow!). Couldn't find it anywhere. It was approaching 11pm and the next morning it was my flight. It was a nightmare.

I checked the drawer where the passports are kept but couldn't find my passport. I checked several times. Checked to see if it had dropped behind the drawers. No luck. My mum checked about five times but no luck again. It was looking bleak so I decided to check the Internet about what I should do. I rang the airport and they said I couldn't travel to France with a driver's license - I needed a passport! I checked the Home Office website and rang their emergency helpline. Sat Naam, Waheguru. The lady on the phone said I will have to wait for 7 days minimum for a new passport before I am allowed out of the country. But she said try ringing the French embassy to ask whether they will let me on the areoplane with a driver's license. How embarrassing! How would France let me in the country with a driver's license when I won't be able to even get on the aeroplane with it! It felt like being in a film - in between a comedy and horror film. Why me! And it was 11.30pm now!

At the end my mum said "Lets do Ardaas and ask God to help." We did Ardaas and then sat down for a bit. My mum went upstairs again and then I heard "Manvir, I've found it!" Waheguru Sache Paatishaah! I was so relieved that it was found. The strange thing was that it was found in the drawer where we first looked (and checked about 7 times) but it was in a small bag (don't know why). Rab Da Shukar I could finally go to sleep!

Lesson learnt: (1) Do Ardaas and Waheguru helps, (2) Pack your bags and get your passport ready a few days before traveling - don't leave it last minute!

More photos from France:

Up and coming Jathedaars (leaders) of France - Bhai Jasbir Singh Khalsa & Bhai Maha Singh jee. Both Chardikala Guru De Pyaare posing outside the school building.

Giani Pritam Singh jee welcoming everyone to the school building and saying a few words of wisdom to the children. After Baba jee announced it was my birthday and everyone sang Happy birthday.

Uncle Gurdial Singh jee and the local Mayor or Council representative visiting the classrooms.

Some how Aunty jee remembered it was my birthday and Sangat made some delicious eggless cakes which were distributed to each of the classes. This cake was in a teddy bear shape made to give out to the 3-5 years old class.

Giving out cake in the 10-12 years old class. You can tell they were looking forward to eating some cake!

Students sitting there end of camp exam tests:

After the exams there was lunch and everyone went outside to enjoy the nice weather in the nearby park.

On the last Saturday of the camp there was a Rainsbayee Keertan (all-night Keertan). Campers and local Sangat took part.

On Sunday 15th July the last day of the camp all the groups did Keertan in front of the Sangat. Afterwards the campers received small prizes and certificates and sevadaars recieved Siropas.

Video of 3-5 years old group singing "Aagyaa Bhe-ee Akaal Kee" shabad:

That Sunday when I looked at the children, it was as if I had Darshan of Mata Sahib Kaur Jee and the Sahibzaadey. DHAN HAI GURU, DHAN HAI TERI SIKHI! May Waheguru keep all the children in Chardi Kalaa.

Click here for more videos.
Click here fore more photos.


Balbir Singh said...

Bhai Manvir Singh ji,
Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji KI Fateh!
Very Nice post.
That video of small children was excellent.Keep posting such nice events.Thanks.
Guru Ang Sung

Nimanaa said...

the video of the children is absolutly brilliant. I hope they all grow to be noble human beings with the courage to do the right thing...

good work..

Prabhu Singh said...

The kids really have a lot of enthusiasm!

Anonymous said...

Off the topic, but Manvir bhaji do you have access to the boss sikhi camp 2006 pictures because I dont know where they have gone from the boss website.


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

For some reason all the photos section on the boss website is not up anymore. Perhaps they are reconstructing that section of the website. Try emailing or