Monday, June 18, 2007

Patience & Faith

I heard a recording of Giani Sant Singh jee Maskeen doing Kathaa (Gurbaani discourse) on patience and faith. He used an anecdote to explain the importance of patience in the path of Dharam.

In India there is an oil plant that grows in 75 days that is a popular plant used in cities. It is guaranteed to grow in 75 days and is easy to maintain and keep; therefore people place them on their rooftops.

Once Giani jee bought a plant and brought it home. He watered it, ensured that the soil was fertile and that it was exposed to the sunlight (i.e. the right conditions to grow). Everyday Giani jee would come upstairs to the roof and check the plant. He would pull the plant out of the soil and check whether the roots of the plant had grown or began to cling to the soil.

45 days passed, however the plant had not blossomed. Giani jee said that the plant must be a fake. There must be a fault in the plant. He told his mother, "O Maa, the plant is not growing as it is supposed to. I have watered the plant; I have kept it in sunlight and ensured the soil is fertile. However, the plant has not flourished."

Giani jee's old and wise mother replied, "Puttar! O Son! Don't blame the plant! The plant has done no wrong. Yes you watered it, you gave it good soil, and you provided it with sunlight. But how do you expect it to grow? You TEST it everyday. Every day you uproot the plant and test whether it is growing and taking root or not. How do you expect it to grow? You need FAITH. Have faith in the plant and eventually it will take root, sprout and flourish. Faith requires PATIENCE. No patience, equals no faith. For faith patience is needed."

In summary, Giani jee explained that we do Naam Simran, we do our Nit-nem, we do seva and sit in Saadh Sangat - we keep strict Rehat so that Naam within us can flourish, as the seed sprouts in a ploughed and fertile soil. But we then look in our heart and uproot our Sikhi. He said, "We examine how far it has got us and whether it has given us a buzz (good feeling) or not. Gurmukho! Faith is required. Let the "Bootaa" (plant) of Sikhi take root in your heart. Don't test it - don't uproot it to see whether it is has grown or not. Have patience."


Anonymous said...

Paaji... you're a God send... you have no idea how this post has touched my life at this very moment.

May Waheguru ALWAYS ALWAYS bless you and keep you in chadian kalla... please keep such seva going!

Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

that was such a beautiful sakhi to share. Its true, I personally constantly uproot. I have no sehej

Feeding our Neighbors said...

Sat siri akal Ji!
So Beautiful, this story. I love it. The flowers are gorgeous.
Blessings to you and patience.

Sarabloh said...

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fatehh veerji......
A brilliant post,chardikala.....may waheguru ji always shower his blessings on u....
Guru ang Sang sahai hovan....

Anonymous said...

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!
Amazing post jio :)