Saturday, May 19, 2007

Booze & Bhangra

Last week my mum asked me to get some milk from the local shops. So I went to the shop, picked up the milk bottle and went to the cash desk to pay. The young girl had a glance at my face and then suddenly turned her back to me and bent down to get something. I thought, Hai? What’s she doing?” Chalo. She came back up and placed a bottle of WHISKEY in front of me. Waheguru, Waheguru. I looked at the bottle and then looked at the lady with a puzzled face not knowing what to say. She then stared at me and said, “O dear me! Sorry Sir! You looked like another customer who comes into the store. He always comes and buys whiskey so my mind automatically got the bottle out when I saw you.” Rab Bhallaa Kare. I said, “Definitely not me” and we both laughed.

where I live. It's possible she mistook the It made me think who the mystery customer could be considering there's not many SardaarsDastaar for a black woolly hat or something. This happened before to me! This lady at work said my dad come to the store looking for me and was very rude. I thought "It doesn't sound right." I asked "Was he wearing a turban and have a beard." She said, "Yes." I said my dad doesn't have a turban. Then I thought, "Hai? Which Singh came in?" Then the man comes in the store again and the supervisor said that "the man who said he's your dad is in the store."

I was curious to see who the person was considering he said he was my dad! She pointed out the man and Rab Bhalla Kare... the man was a Muslim man wearing Salwaar Kameez, half cut beard, wearing a WHITE SKULL CAP. I said to the supervisor, "Firstly, do I cut my beard? And more importantly, how on earth did you mistake a skull cap for a turban!" Worst thing was that it wasn't even a traditional skull cap - it was more of a woolen white cap! Waheguru. I was pretty shocked at how someone could mistake a woolly hat for a big pagh! (The man was the father of the Pakistani cleaner who works at our place - but the lady thought he was referring to me when he said "My son works here.")

On Thursday, a lady came to the store where I work to return a home cinema system. She said that she brought it from a store elsewhere and was promised that she was told that it was brand new and the only thing wrong with it was that it had a tattered box. So she bought it. When she got home she said the found someone’s WEDDING VIDEO in the DVD player and realised that it was second-hand. So she wanted a new one.

I was bit shocked that she found someone’s wedding video in it and got her a new one. I didn’t see what happened to the DVD player and the wedding video as one of the senior staff members took over. Two days later I was walking through the store and the person in charge of the television section of the store asked me to come over to the TVs. I went over and he said, “Have you seen this. Do you know what this is and who these people are?” Waheguru. In big letters it said “BHANGRA” on top of the screen and then it had three screens (like a intro slide) showing snippets of the video. It was EMBARRASING to watch! It had Bhangra written as the title but the music was like QVC channel music or something you expect from a Christmas song. The video was of the wedding video returned by the customer days before.

The people doing Bhangra looked weird! Waheguru. Either someone had messed around with the settings when filming, but it was kind of slow motion and people just twirling and one or two characters looking like they had an electric shock on the dance floor. The Gore couldn’t stop laughing. Then they had Bhangra dancers on the dance stage who looked like they were doing a Mexican wave. It looked awful. It’s a first wedding video I have seen of the kind.


Anoop said...

Manvir Singh...make sure u hire a good movie maker on ur brother's wedding :)lol

havocsingh said...

Hehe.. It was a good one, nice experience you had.