Tuesday, May 29, 2007

3 K's or 5 K's?

On Saturday, I was cashing up money with the Manager and the Manager asked me what my religion was. I said that I was a Sikh. He replied, "O yeah! Sikhs". He said he lived in Coventry and had seen Sikhs. He then said, "So do you wear the 3 Ks? Let me remember what they are... is the first "K" - "Koran"?" Waheguru! I couldn't stop laughing. I said firstly there are "5 Ks" and secondly "Koran" is a religious book not an article of faith. Shockingly he then said, "So is the Koran your religious book?" Sat Naam, Waheguru. "No, its the holy book of the Muslims," I replied. It was very surprising that he was from the part of Coventry where there lived a lot of Sikhs yet he didn't know who's holy book the Koran was! However, with Waheguru's Kirpaa after showing my Kirpaan and Karaa, he said that he remembered what he had learnt at school years ago. Rab da Shukar.

Saturday night was the end of month youth keertan at Southall Park Avenue Gurdwara. It was nice to see new faces and new Keertanis. Next week there's a youth keertan programme on Saturday 2nd June at Seven King's Gurdwara starting 7pm to late, and also there's a programme in Leicester at Gurdwara Gur Panth Parkaash, Ashford Road, from 6.30pm to 10pm.

Here's some photos of Saturday's youth keertan in Southall:

On Bank Holiday Monday I was working! I was standing at the cash desk and I saw a family walk into the store. The customer came up to me with his son and wife behind him. He said, "Excuse me mate... I would like to order two CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA CURRYS please." I glared at him and thought "Hai? Chicken Tikka? Where am I going to get Chicken for you from - forget Tikka Masala Chicken!" I didn't know what to say. I was just shocked that I am standing in an electrical store and a man is asking me for a Chicken Curry! Waheguru. Rab Raakhaa!

Then the man said, "Go on then... Can I order some Currys please." I looked at him with a confused face lost for words! He was either barking mad or I thought he must have been thinking that I reminded him of an Indian restaurant waiter or something (scary if he did think that!). He then pointed to a huge sign at the back of the store that had the store name "Currys" on it. The man said, "I am standing in Currys right?" and then started to laugh. I started to laugh as well. The man said that his son and him had a bet on whether he could ask me for a Curry because the store name was "Currys". He said that his son was moaning and groaning that he felt hungry and that he promised him a Curry for lunch. Instead of taking him to the restaurant, he teased him by bring him to the "Currys" electrical store. Waheguru. It was funny after he told me.


Anonymous said...


Satwinder Singh said...

Manvir Veer jee,

you are really funny!

Anonymous said...

this is anti gurmat, we should not let this happen to fellow sikhs. i am about to set up a petition for this. i dont like anti gurmat activities.

gabru said...

wots the petition bout??? against a gora sayin "chiken tika" or gora saying do sikhs wear 3ks???


jasmeet said...

have a laugh once in while mate...the story was funny!!

Anonymous said...


My jeevan has been changed after reading this inspiring incident in your life. I have now started to keep kesh and dhari

Vahgeguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ke fateh!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, thats funny, at least he was open about it and not being rude!