Monday, April 16, 2007

Leamington Spa Vaisaakhi Photos

On Vaisaakhi a special programme was held at Leamington Spa Gurdwara Sahib. At 4pm the Nishaan Saahib seva was done in the presence of Panj Singh. Afterwards the Bhog of the Sri Akhand Paath Saahib took place. Raag Keertan and Vichaar in English by Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie followed this. They sang and explained a Shabad from Siree Raag by Guru Arjan Sahib jee:
ਪ੍ਰਾਣੀ ਤੂੰ ਆਇਆ ਲਾਹਾ ਲੈਣਿ ॥
prāṇī ṯūʼn ā­i­ā lāhā laiṇ.
O human! You came here to earn a profit.

ਲਗਾ ਕਿਤੁ ਕੁਫਕੜੇ ਸਭ ਮੁਕਦੀ ਚਲੀ ਰੈਣਿ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥
lagā kiṯ kẖufkaṛė sabẖ mukḏī cẖalī raiṇ. ||1|| rahā­o.
What useless activities are you attached to? Your life-night is coming to its end. ||1||Pause||
(Ang 43)

During the run up to Vaisaakhi a drawing competition was held at the Gurdwara Sahib. The local Granthi Singh, Bhai Charanjeet Singh jee, awarded the children who participated and did well in the competition with prizes. Daas did Kathaa on 'Discovering Your Roots' and looked at the beautiful way of life bestowed upon us by Guru Sahib which is based on the Truth and how in modern times we have lost it's value due to challenges in society.

The programme ended with a fireworks display outside and also there was a live-link to the radio. Sangat members talked over the phone to the studio to Bhai Ravjeet Singh giving Vaisaakhi greetings and sharing what they had done during the day.

Below are some photos taken by Bal Bhaajee from Leamington Spa:

Group photo of sevadaars doing Panj Singhs seva.

Walking through Langar Hall towards outside.

Nishaan Saahib seva. I felt sorry for one aunty jee who had a bucket of water splashed on her Salwaar by another aunty who meant to pour the water of the Nishaan Saahib - but slightly missed. Waheguru.

Watching Nishaan Sahib Seva.

Sewadaars lowering old Nishaan Saahib.

Ardaas after completion of seva. The Panj Singhs stood on crane for the Ardaas. It felt bit unstable. I think its only designed to carry two or so people's weight. Waheguru. Chardi Kalaa ardaas was done by Giani Charanjeet Singh jee.

Siree Akhand Paath Sahib da Bhog.

Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie doing Keertan with Jathaa.

Young girl wins a prize for doing well in the Vaisaakhi drawing competition.

Daas doing talk.


Dhadi Master said...


It was a very good programme. there was loads of sangat. the hall was full. Guru Ji's Kirpa

Thanks Bhai Sahib Bhai Manvir Singh Ji for doing you katha/presentation. It was very interesting and inspiring. Also, a thanks to the sweetsikhi team for their live air link on radio.

jatlee said...

Vaah vaa! looks like a beautiful day! just wondering if anyone got any recs of Harjinder Singh Lallie and Jatha!

Anonymous said...

Do they just let anyone do panj piare di seva nowadays?

Anonymous said...

no. not anyone can do panj piare these days.

To do the seva, the singh has to be amritdhari, rehitvaan and must not have committed a bujar kurehit. ie tyar-bar-tyar.

also, pani piare only do seva of preparing amrit. it is panj singh that do seva on nishaan sahib and other seva which reguires panj tyar-bar-tyar singhs

Anonymous said...

Why singhs? Isnt the 5 piare- the 5 beloved? Its not called the 5 singhs? Can women who fit the above category to this seva?

Anonymous said...

Whether Panj Piaare are said or Panj Singh are said, it shouldnt matter. An issue shudnt be made over little things like this. Panj Piaare are Panj Singhs and vice verca

Well if you say Panj Piaare, then women cannot fit the category of this seva. has its Panj Piaare, not Panj Piaariyaan.

When Maharaj asked for heads, he didnt say heads of women or men. He just simply asked for heads. Through the hukam and Bhaana of Akal Purakh 5 men gave their heads. Since then it has always been 5 Singhs that have done seva in the Panj Piaare.

Only Panj Piaare can do seva in the Panj Piaare, not Panj Piaariyaan as the concept of Panj Piaariyaan has never existed in Tat Gurmat. This Gurmat.

If people have any doubt, then do ardas to the All Mighty All Powerful Being, Akal Purakh, then your answers will be answered in the way AKal Purakh finds fit

Ravjeet Singh said...

To the above, your logic means that we would not say Khalsa to women you would need to say Khalsey?

This is not the panthic school of thought. In accordance with panth bibian can do seva in Panj. How can you say what gurmat is? Gurmat is Guroo Sahib way of thought and Guroo Sahib has no where discriminated against bibian it is just certain jathas and sect which choose to.

btw thanks Pardip Singh and other sevadaars for participating Sweet Sikhi Show.

khalsa mero roop hai khaas said...

I heard Pardip Singh speaking and singing on Panjab Radio on Vaisakhi, as well as others. Great to see youngsters like Pardip Singh supporting Panjab Radio which is doing a marvellous job in doing straight and direct job in educating the public about Gurbani and Sikh Rehit Maryada.

It's great to see upcoming youngsters taking an active role and standing on a common platform to promote Sikhi.

I wish Sweet Sikhi show and the Gurbani shows on Panjab Radio all the best and may God continue blessing the up coming generation doing a wonderful job.

Khalsa said...

as the anonymous person said "If people have any doubt, then do ardas to the All Mighty All Powerful Being, Akal Purakh, then your answers will be answered in the way AKal Purakh finds fit "

For only singhs to do Panj Singhan Di seva is not discriminative to bibian. When Guru Ji asked for heads, 5 men gave their heads. and then Guru Ji created the Panj Pyiaare. So hence those who supposed do seva in the form of the panj, is has to be singhs. Akal Takhat believes this, so it is panthic

dhadi master said...

it was a really good event. the gurdwara was apcked with sangat. alot of sangat was still at the gurdwara untill the end of the whole programme

Ravjeet Singh said...

Please read Rehit maryada, it is clear that Sri Akaal Takath sahib does not belive in discrimation. Maryada says: "Also present should be six committed Amritdhari Sikhs, one of whom should sit in attendance of the Guru Granth Sahib and the other five should be there to administer the Khande di Pahul. These six may even include Sikh women."

Only in past few years have certain cults and deras (who have popped up in recent years) made a fuss and go against Sri Akaal Takht Sahib and promote idea of "Sootak" and woman being impure. How can such people claim to follow Guru Nanak Dev Ji, yet alone claim to be Panthic?

Sweet Sikhi has copies of Maryada in English and Panjabi. If you would like a copy please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to us and we can send you one out.


Anonymous said...

wasnt there a whole debate on this issue ravjeet singh, at the akal takhat and sgpc wen bibi jagir kaur was president b4 mukkar? im sure the 5 singhs at akal takhat decided that singhs are to do the seva, not bibian

as with the draft of akal takhat maryada, well its still a draft. it hasnt been accepted by the WHOLE panth yet. thats y its still a draft (khararha)

Anonymous said...

isnt this the gurdwara were the committe members drank sharab and eat the same building...

and also have ajoining party hall for bhangra sharab and meat...