Thursday, April 12, 2007

Germany Trip (Part 2)


Children doing Rehraas Sahib da Paath. The children who stayed at the Gurdwara Sahib all did Panj Baanian Da Paath at Amrit-Vela and children who travelled to the Gurdwara Sahib did Japji Sahib da Paath (line repeated after line) at 7am.

Like all camps, the Langar was Chardi Kalaa! Waheguru! One day in the morning there was Mullee Waale Porothay, then in the afternoon there was Mullee Dee Sabjee, and in the evening Mullee Da Achaar (pickle). As you can imagine, the day was definitely a "MULLEE DAY" - children and sewadaars had good fun! lol.

Children learning Keertan. Bhaji Ranjeet Singh doesn't simply teach the children Shabads but instead teaches them Gurmat Sangeet theory and about Raag system and then the children accordingly practice and learn how to play Shabads on there own. All the children loved listening and playing Keertan!

This is Rajinder Singh. He is such a Chardikalaa Singh. He turned 7 years old during the camp week. He knew Ardaas off by heart and was so confident. If at this age he knows so much, I wondered when he is 15 or 20 where he will be at. Dhan Hai Guru.

Bhai Sahib is a sevadaar of the Guru Ghar. He is really Chardi Kalaa. Always smiling and make others smile :)

These three children wanted to keep Sikhi Saroop. After discussing with their parents they publicly announced they will not do beadbi of Kesh (dishonour the hair) anymore and want to maintain Sikhi Saroop as bestowed by Dasam Pitaa, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib jee. They were honoured with Siropas and Sangat hailed jaikaaray.

Day trip to the park. There was a lovely lake and lots of sand to have fun with!

On Sunday 8th April, the last day of the camp, all the children sat in a room for the last class before the camp ended. Bhaji Ranjeet Singh asked all boys and girls that when they first came to the Gurdwara they were Rumaals and Chunnis, then they began to wear Patkas and today they are capable of tying Dastaars. I was taken aback when Bhaaji asked, "From now on which child will tie a Dastaar every time they come to the Gurdwara on Sunday or to the Keertan class?" Every girl and every boy put their arm up. Seeing their proud faces and josh of wanting to tie Dastaars was very heart moving to see. That Sunday when I looked at the children, it was as if I had Darshan of Mata Sahib Kaur Jee and the Sahibzaadey. DHAN HAI GURU, DHAN HAI TERI SIKHI!

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