Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The True Priceless Necklace

Story Behind Baavan Akhree
Translated by a Sevadaar from Gurdwara Tapoban Sahib from Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee’s book – Gurmat Gauravta

Regarding wearing ornaments, there is an extremely beautiful story in our history. The mention of this story in this context (context of wearing ornaments) is extremely important here. Once Guru Arjan Sahib jee, who was all-knowing, naturally inspired and advised his wife – Mata Ganga jee as follows “Women of rich Mahaajans and Khatrees come to see you everyday but you should be aware that no matter how rich or nice these women are but they are still far from Gurmat. NEVER adopt their non-Gurmat, Manmat advice”.

This way after naturally advising his wife to not adopt the Manmat actions of the visiting rich women of Mahaajans and Khatrees, Guru jee went to Gur-Darbaar (where the sangat was). That day when Guru jee was preaching Gurmat to Sangat, a very rich Setth (merchant) made an offering of "Nau-Lakhaa Haar" (Naulakha Haar literally means a necklace worth 900,000 rupees). The whole city of Amritsar Sahib was talking about this very expensive necklace. Many rich women of the city came to see the necklace and loved the sight of this necklace.

Many of these women got together and went to Mata Ganga jee and starting requesting and cajoling her to wear that expensive necklace as follows, “You are the Mother of this whole world yet you are not wearing any ornament. You are the Queen of this world but are without any necklace. Being wife of Guru Arjan Sahib jee, it does not suit you to be without ornaments. Today, someone has offered the Naulakha Haar (necklace) to Guru jee and being our Guru Mata and being the wife of Guru Arjun Sahib jee it would be highly befitting to have you wear that necklace around your neck. We implore to you that you beg before your husband Guru Arjun Sahib jee to let you wear this necklace.”

What to say more, this way the group of rich non-Sikh women who came to see Mata Ganga jee, convinced her to wear the Naulakha Haar. Before Guru Arjan Sahib jee arrived back at his residence from the Darbaar, Mata jee lay herself on her bed, pretending to be sullen (gussay). Jaani-jaan (all knowing) Satguru jee knew about the real cause of Mata jee’s sullenness and said, “Today you seem to have been affected and influenced by the Aanmat (non-Gurmat) lessons of the rich women who visited you today and I had warned you about this earlier.”

Mata jee got conscious of arrival of Guru jee and with folded hands and with pallaa (hazooriya) in her hands, pleaded before Guru jee, “O True King (Sachay Paatshah), this servant of yours has never ever asked you for anything. This is the first time, I am asking for anything. I am hoping you will show your mercifulness by granting me my wish.”

Guru jee knew everything but still asked her, with a sweet smile on his face, as to what her wish was. Mata jee immediately said, “Today a Nau-Lakhaa Haar was offered in your Darbaar. Please grant me your approval in form of letting me wear that nau-lakhaa haar (the necklace).”

Guru jee hearing this plea from Mata Ganga jee laughed a lot and said, “You have confirmed that you have been influenced by your meeting with the non-Sikh rich women who met you today. O innocent one (bholeeyay) and O naïve one, you are talking about necklace worth nine hundred thousand, but even if you wear necklaces worth millions and billions of rupees, it would still be false or waste thing to do. Today, we are going to make such necklace for you that will not only help you in THIS world but also in the NEXT world.”

After these bachans (words) to Mata jee, Guru Arjan Sahib jee started uttering 'Sree Baavan Akhree' and such was the positive and heavenly influence of this baani on Mata jee that as she listened to this baani, this baani got carved inside her (in her heart). Such a miracle occurred at that time that as Guru jee uttered this baani, this baani got carved on the beautiful heart of Mata Ganga jee and she got this baani memorised in this short time (listening to it only once). With the affect of listening to this beautiful baani, Mata Ganga jee’s heart and her inside got illuminated with this baani. This way, Mata Ganga jee wore the true Naulakha Haar of Baavan Akhree.


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Anonymous said...

it IS kind of ANNOYING when you randomly PUT words into capitals. IT is BAD grammar and THE words DO look completely random.
CAN I ask why YOU do this?
Is the EXTRA emphasis ON those words? OR are THEY more important?

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Anonymous jee - The Capitals are for emphasis.

Guru Raakhaa.

Geeta Kaur said...

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Manvirji, thank you for the story behind Bhaavan Akhri. Please tell us the story behind Pootaa, Maataa Ki Aasees. (Ang 496)

Guru Raakha.

jatlee said...

lol excellent! i never knew that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bhaji can you please direct me to an article which explains sikhs are different from hindu and guru nanak was never hindu.


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Geeta Kaur jee - I am unaware of the story behind the Shabad "Poota Maata Kee Aasees" being revealed through Guru Arjan Sahib jee. Mata Ganga Jee sang this Shabad to her infant son, Guru Hargobind Sahib jee and gave him the Aasees (blessing). However, it doesn't make sense to argue Mata Ganga jee revealed the Shabad and Guru Arjan Sahib jee merely recorded it Gurbaani. The Saakhi of Mata Ganga jee reading this Shabad as a blessing , is a truly beautiful example of how a mother gives hopes and inspiration to a child.

Anonymous Jee - The following links may be useful:

Firstly, what is Hinduism and what is a Hindu? This is problematic in itself.

Guru Nanak Sahib jee rejected the Janeoo, which was a fundamental belief of Brahmanism.

Guru Nanak Sahib jee rejected Vedic way of marriage and instead got married while reciting Mool Mantar.

Guru Nanak Sahib jee rejects idol worship, pilgrimage, fasts, concept of incarnations and caste system - what is left?

Sikhi is unique - Sikhi has a unique Sacred Scripute, unique concept of God (read Mool Mantar), and a unique identity and way of life (Rehat). Seems quite simple that Sikhs are neither Hindus or Muslims.

Guru Nanak Sahib jee was Jagat Guru and the True Perfect Guru. The whole world claims Guru Nanak was theirs. Let them claim this - because Guru Nanak Jee truly was the Universal Guru - Buddhists claim Guru Nanak was the 8th Buddha, Muslims claim Guru Nanak as their Peer and Hindus claim Guru Nanak as their Guru... read Baba Harnam Singh jee biography and is it clear that if Guru Nanak is the Guru of all then the Sikh is the ideal human which all should strive to be if they wish to make Guru Nanak happy. Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful article! Very inspiring.

Palvin said...


Wonderful storry verji.I didnt know why was this Baniyia wrote.Maybe you could do the Big sewa of writing about why the particular bani was written.Thanks alot for thie precious info veerji!


Puneet Kaur said...


Thank you for sharing such a beautiful sakhi & enlightening us!