Saturday, February 17, 2007

National Keertan Event 24th Feb 2007

National Keertan Darbaar
Guru Nanak Gurdwara: Smethwick
(6:30pm - midnight)

Being the first event of its kind, the first annual national keertan darbaar (as part of West Midlands Sikhi Bitesize) is taking place at GNG Gurdwara in Smethwick, Birmingham, with participation from Sikh Societies across the UK.

For coach transport details please contact the regional coordinator in the area you live.


Anonymous said...

will htere be transport?
So its just a midlands thing being called national.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Guru Pyaari'o, please see poster for details.

There is regional transport from across England. Phone numbers are provided of sevadaars incharge for further details.

Transport details from poster:

West Midlands - 07903 304 543
East Midlands - 07888 750 639
North - 07980 357 232
London - 0773 583 834

Dhadi Master said...

Fateh Jio

c u lot there.....its gona be wicked

waheguroo wahegurooooo

Anonymous said...

i know its a kirtan event but well dhadi master or any other dhadis be given time before, during or after da event?? i assume you can sing sabads on dhad sarungi.

Dhadi Master said...

dhadi, katha and kirtan will take place during the event.

dhadi lecture and katha will be done in english. with guru's kirpa, shud be doing a dhadi porgramme that day

Anonymous said...

Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!!

Sangat Jiyo...Hope Vaheguru Ji is keeping you all in Chardi Kala!

If Vaheguroo does kirpa on this soul of his, it may be able to attend the kirtan darbar. but so far, i cant get in touch with the london contact for transport. Can any one help?

Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!!

southaaaaal massive said...

bruv com down to the end of month kirtan instead. gonna be phat kirtan event :D

Anonymous said...

The kirtan Darbaar is today cant wait, Why is the southall event clashing, thats interesting ''panthic ekta'' at its best. lol

daas khalistan_zindabaad

Anonymous said...

if only there were more events like this one, such an amazing night. so good to see people who i hadnt seen for so long, maybe alot from sikhi camp!!!!!!!!

thanks organisers

just hope more people come next time!

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Great to hear that the National Keertan Darbaar was Chardikalaa. Unfortunately I was not able to make it.

In regards to the Bhai Sahib's comment about events "clashing". There was no intentional clashing of events as the Southall end of month Keertan event is a monthly programme, which has been happening for at least over 5 years, most likely longer, as Bhai Rama Singh jee started the monthly event to involve youngsters at the Gurdwara and inspire them closer to Gurbaani.

The Southall Keertan is a local programme where group of local Sangat from London get together and do Keertan. Therefore, even if the Keertan events in Birmingham and Southall are on the same day it doesn't really affect the turnouts to either of the events.

In the past, even if there is a Rainsbai Keertan, the Southall End of Month still takes place Gurmukho.

With Guru Sahib's Kirpaa yesterday's Southall youth keertan was chardikalaa also and a lot of Sangat turn out than usual :)

rsingh said...

Last night in Soguthall was amazing. So many people turned up it was fantastic. Jatha came down all the way from midlands esspecially which was just amazing. Guroo Sahibn kirpa it was an amazing program. Assa ki vaar prog this monring was fantastic to ;) you should have come singh ji :)

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

RSingh jee - I would loved to come to the Aasa Ki Vaar however I had a LONG drive home and had been travelling ALL DAY! Waheguru!

The journey home was like driving through a storm! It was pouring it down with rain and wind was blowing strong. With Guru Sahib's Kirpaa got home safely even though I saw two car accidents on the motorway and I missed the junction to go home because I was doing Paath. Waheguroo.

Anonymous said...


Manvir Singh did you do katha and kirtan at the student kirtan darbar in leicester? At guru nank gurdwara?

If so then you kirtan was wikeeeeddddddddddddd!!!
It have every one so much anand.


Vjkk vjkf

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Waheguru jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee Kee Fateh.

Hanji, daas did keertan at Holy Bones Gurdwara at the Student keertan Darbaar. Guru Kirpaa.

Guru Raakhaa.