Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sikhi Week...

From Monday LONDON SIKHI WEEK began, which finished this Friday. Sikhi Week is a week of interesting talks and fun events across various universities. The first Sikhi Week takes place in NOVEMBER and the second Sikhi Week takes place in MARCH. It is an opportunity to build friendships with like-minded people from different universities and across the country, as well as take advantage of enjoying and learning from talks.

Daas was invited to talk yesterday at Westminster University to talk about "CHALLENGES TO SIKHI." There was a nice crowd of people. About 50 people or so attended the event. There was a presentation about the basics of Sikhi followed by what are the challenges facing Sikhs, i.e. media, fashion, television, society etc. Afterwards there was time for questions and answers.

The GURSEVA PROJECT team were also there and organised a “FEED THE HOMELESS” food run after the talk. Everyone nibbled on their SAMOSAY and PAKORAY and downed some orange juice and water. Afterwards most of the people who attended the Sikhi Week talk went along to help with Seva to distribute food to those in London who, for whatever reason, would not normally have food on that night. It was nice to see students take one step towards the Guru through doing hands on SELFLESS SEVA.

Here are some photos:

Here's the EAGER one's who turned up early (according to Panjabi timing!)

Bhenji making an announcement about the annual AKHAND JAAP, which is 24 hours of Vaheguru Simran by youngsters. This year it's at Soho Road Gurdwara in Birmingham in end of November time (forgotten the date!).

Bhenji Tazvinder Kaur waiting to do an announcement.

Today Bhaji Sukhwinder Singh jee (Sukhi) from Midlands will be doing the London Sikhi Week talk at IMPERIAL UNI. You may think I have forgotten about the Midlands. Don't worry! MIDLANDS SIKHI WEEK is starting TODAY with a talk by Bhaji Kuljeet Singh about "WHAT IS NAAM", and finishing next Wednesday. I am sure today's talk will be very interesting and inspiring. Below is the poster for Midlands Sikhi Week. For further info, details or more events, check out


Anonymous said...

Akhand Jaap 10 will be on the 25th november 2006 in birmingham.

Anonymous said...

nice to see u carrying the bag that you got from Singh Sabha Bradford camp.


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Anonymous 2 - Yes the bag came in handy! I kept my packed lunch (Gobi Wale Parotay) in the bag (which I ate on the train during journey to London).


Anonymous said...

London Sikhi Week was great. I wonder how midlands ones are. Well DOne to the organisers

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

I wasn't able to attend London Sikhi Week other than Tuesday's talk. I hear from people that it was great. I know Veer Ravjeet Singh spent a lot of time and effort organising it, as well as other Veerjis and Bhenjis who helped out with seva. May Guru Sahib keep them all in Chardikalaa.

Midlands Sikhi Week is finishing tomorrow. Unfortunately won't be able to attend because today I have a uni lecture and tomorrow I'm working. Chalo, I am sure it will go well.