Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Answer to Questions...

I'm sitting in the library and came across an interesting article on DiscoverSikhi.com. Definitely worth a read!

...The website www.sikhs2islam.tk has posted a list of questions to Sikhs about so-called “flaws” in the Sikh religion. For believing Sikhs this is of course an absurdity as Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee, the word of God, tells us:

“There is only one true Dharma (faith). Gurmat (Sikhi) is complete and perfect through the ages.”
(Ang 1188)

Through this attempt to answer the questions posed, we will show that Gurmat is indeed the perfect and eternal faith. The website has the motto “you can’t hide from the truth forever.” Indeed, the truth is that Gurmat is the only complete path and this truth is one that cannot be denied....

Read Full Article Here

Today has been a busy day. When walking to uni I could hear as if I had dropped something. I looked around to see where the noise came from but couldn't see anything. I carried on walking and I heard another noise that sounded like something has fell on the floor. Chalo, I carried on walking. When I got to sit down and I put my rucksack bag on my lap I realised that the top of the bag had a huge RIP and the bottom of the bag had a RIP in it. O dear me! What a mess! The lesson I learnt - NEVER buy a bag from the market! Even if it did cost £3. Vaheguru!

I stopped off on Bull Street (I think that's the name - the main high street in Birmingham) and went to Millets (by coincidence they had a sale on!). I bought the new bag and asked the lady if she didn't mind if I empty my bag out on the counter-desk and put it into my new bag. She said okay. So I had to take my clothes, books, papers, and bits and bobs out of the bag and into the new. Although the shop lady didn't mind I think the customers behind me weren't too impressed as they I had to wait for me till they were served.

I realised that the noise that I heard earlier came from my PENS dropping out of the bag! The hole was getting quite big! Today I was going to stay at the Gurdwara Sahib so I thought thank God my spare Kachhera and towel didn't fall out of the bag! Imagine finding a Kachhera lying in the middle of the High Street! Worst still - Missing Property report going out! Vaheguru.

After buying a new bag I went to lectures. I felt SO SLEEPY! Worst thing - I was sitting on the FRONT ROW. A few times my eyes closed. I tried to look at the ceiling - that didn't help. Then I tried pinching myself - that didn't help other than leave red marks on my hand! When I woke up I made it look like that I had my head down reading the handout sheet. I don't think it worked! The lecturer probably saw me but he didn't say anything. When the boy next to me looked at me I said, "Yeah its because there's no air in the room - my eyes feel heavy!" He looked at me in a puzzled way. Rab Bhalla Kare.


Dhadi Master said...


really funny manvir. things like this just seem to happen to u

also, i neva cum round to my place anymore??? why??? is it cos im a dhadi???

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Dhadi Master Sahib - Your last comment reminded me of what people at school used to say... "Is it coz eyez Black?" "Is it coz eyes Asian?"... now its "Is it coz eyez DHADI?" lol.

Sorry, yesterday was busy day! After uni had to go library then go to Soho Road to buy few things by that time it was time to go to Gurdwara Sahib for the night. I asked someone in a shop how far it takes from Soho Road to Smethwick Gurdwara he said "O it's like a 10 or 15 minute walk - don't worry Bhai Sahib, think of Guru Sahib and do Simran and by the time you know you would have arrived at Smethwick Gurdwara" (through the industrial estate road which starts at Baba Deep Singh Gurdwara).... erm it didn't take 10 or 15 minutes! That's for sure.

It was cold as well and no buses on that road. Nothing to look at other than cars zooming down the road, run down factories and big puddles on the pavement! Had to avoid getting wet and pyjama getting dirty!

With Guru's Kirpaa got at Smethwick teek taak :) Thank God I had my big coat!

Organise a Keertan programme at your Halls! (Will you be allowed to that? Or will people complain of noise?) Let me know.

Guru Rakha.

SikhSpeak.Com said...

An eventful day for Singhs it looks like! Today, I possibly had the most upsetting day of my professional career. It was soooooo hard not to get angry....

I saw a patient who firstly said "where are you from?" (Great I thought, the age ole question, anyhow I answered it)

Then she said, "you're not very westernised are you?" I was taken aback! No one has ever said this too me before! So I asked her how she defines/measures westernism (is that even a word?) to which she said "if you were my husband I would ask you to trim your beard" <------ THIS NEARLY MADE ME LOSE IT, BUT I WAS STILL CALM-ISH I had my "professional pug on"

So I decided education followed by humour was the best method, So I explained about Sikhi, and then said lucky your not my wife!, to which she replied I have Sikh friends they are westernised and married white girls etc etc. I explained the difference, and that people may be of differing beliefs in life etc etc. Still I think I did well to stay calm, she then said a few more derogatory things about my kesh and pug, at which point I lost it. I replied "maybe you should take your western thoughts and wait for a westernised doctor to treat you, I think you would be a lot happier." She did so, it was my perogative here, and she realised she overstepped the line BADLY. The cheek of it was she justified it by saying shes "outspoken" THE MORAL? I was trying to help out a patient and see her before the doctor could (and save her 1hr of time) - she chucked it back in my face with some RUDE and LUDE comments which were offensive!

Sorry, had to get that off my chest...feel better now!

Dhadi Master said...


i hope u got to smethwick ok. im terms of kirtan at the flat? NO it wont happen, cos ppl will complain about the noice. so we cant do it.

HOWEVER, amritvela at our flat every mondays ans simran at uni every thursdays evenings.

we cud do a dhadi programme tho, but i think ppl will complain about the noice again.

anyway, watch out for the sikh soc football tournament at bham uni this wensday. u have to play