Friday, September 08, 2006

Weekend Programme

Marking the 300th sampoorantaa of Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee and 300th Anniversary of the Gurmat institution of DamDami Taksaal & in loving memory of Mahapurakh Giani Baba Kartar Singh jee a Sri Akhand Paath Sahib will be being held from 8th - 10th September 2006 at Baba Sang Gurdwara, Smethwick in Birmingham .

Keertan with English translations projected, Katha (Gurbaani discourse) and talks in English will also take place over three days.

NOTE: Amrit Sanchaar
With Guru jee's kirpaa an Amrit Sanchaar will take place on Saturday 9th September 2006 at Baba Sang Gurdwara for anyone who wishes to give their head to Guru Sahib and be reborn in the Guru's Family. Candidates for Amrit are asked to be at the Gurdwara Sahib for 4pm. For further details contact: Bhervinder Singh - 07985 246484

Gurdwara Baba Sang
Saint Pauls Road,
High Street,
West Midlands
B66 1EE
0121 558 2681
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* Bhai Satvinder Singh & Harvinder Singh Delhi wale
* Bhai Moinderjeet Singh Delhi wale
* Bhai Gurcharan Singh Delhi wale
* Bhai Kuldeep Singh & Bhai Dalbag Singh Tuhana wale
All will be taking part in a International Kirtan council Uk Atem Ras Kirtan Darbar on Sat 9th

Other Keertani’s
* Bhai Lehna Singh Damdami Taksal
* Bhai Gurmej Singh Damdami Taksal
* Bhai Gursharan Singh Damdami Taksal
* Bhai Sukhjinder Singh Birmingham

* Giani Avtar Singh ji Badhny Kala
* Giani Preetam Singh Ji Damdami Taksal
* Bhai Satnam Singh Damdami Taksal
* Bhai Balbir Singh Damdami Taksal

Jago wale and many more international Dhadi’s


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! What's the actual DATE for the 300th Anni of Guru Ji's Taksal?

Anonymous said...

how was it?