Monday, August 07, 2006

Sikhi Camp Photos

For the past two weeks Daas has been at BOSS SIKHI CAMP, which was held in NORTH WALES, and then at the SIKH MISSIONARY SOCIETY GURMAT CAMP, which was held at Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara Sahib in LEICESTER. Both camps were chardi kalaa and provided a great opportunity to have GREAT SANGAT and be in the company of Guru Sahib.

This year's Boss Sikhi Camp theme was "THE JOURNEY... BIRTH... LIFE... DEATH... ?" It also celebrated 400 years of Guru Arjan Dev jee's SHAHEEDI DIWAS (martyrdom) as well as a number of other historical milestones. In the mornings there would be Amrit-vela Simran and Nitnem, then Aasa Di Vaar keertan, Japji Sahib and explanation of the morning Hukamnaama. After breakfast there would be a talk followed by groups discussions. In the afternoon there would be activities organised by the Army, which included Hiking, water sports, abseiling, and more. In the evening there would be Rehraas Sahib, keertan, explanation of the evening Hukamnama, and Sukhaasan.

The talks were on BIRTH, AMRIT, MARRIAGE and DEATH. There guest speakers at the camp were from abroad. One was Bhai Jarnail Singh, also known as Martin Singh, who is white Canadian Sikh who is President of the Martime Sikh Society and is active in his Sikh community in Nova Scotia in Canada (Read more about him here). The other one was a Bhai Sahib from Toronto who is a white Sikh who has his own television and radio show. Both speakers very inspiring. Also a Jatha (group) of Singhs from Sri Hazoor Sahib were at the camp and did really nice keertan and kaveeshree (poetry singing).

Here are some photos:

Guru Sahib's Pavitar Saroop being carried to the Darbaar Sahib

Guru Jee's Darbaar

Keertan in evening

On the last evening of the camp one of the activities instructors from the Outdoor Leisure Centre who helped with the activities spoke to the Sangat and shared what she had learnt about Sikhi. Everyone was impressed with her enthusiasm, love and respect for Sikhi and Sikh people.

Below are some photos from a Hiking trip in the Welsh countryside:

Dhadi Master jee

Group photo of a few people from our Dorm

On the coach journey to Wales and back to Southall the Sangat did Simran and shabad keertan:

Bhenji doing simran

Mandeep Singh bhaji doing simran

Bhaji Jagpreet Singh doing mind blowing keertan! He had an angelic voice.


SikhSpeak said...

Look forward to your articles veer ji, hope you haven't forgotten lol!

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sikhproblems blog said...

thanks for your pictures, anymore?

Anonymous said...

Vaheguruji ka Khalsa Vaheguruji ki Fateh

Camp was amazing,
Breathtakingly beautiful,
Thankuji Maharaj Ji for helping me 'scam' it! I have never experienced anything on that level before, The withdrawal symptoms are definately not good tho.
Amritvela was captivating! The saad sangat was so chardi kala, May i always remain the dhur of your sweet charan.



Dhadi Master said...


Got no words to decribe the camp. All i can say is that it was Sach Khand. it was wicked. There was so much prem between the whole sangat (sevadaars and campers). Alot of respect was given to Maharaj. i miss tthe camp loads. cant wait for the reunion.

Bhul Chuk Maaf,