Saturday, August 19, 2006

Off to Khalsa Camp!

Tomorrow Daas is off to Khalsa Camp for one week! When I come back Daas will post some pictures and share what I've learnt and experienced. Can't wait to spend one week with Guru Sahib and have sangat with great Gursikhs.

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Teji Kaur said...

Guru Fateh Manvir Singh Bhaji
re:Christain remarks bout Sikhs

this si so true and t really ticks me off. i actually am crying now.wy dont Sikhs leasrn there religion.tears r literally coming put of my eyes.the world seems so ridicoulous./How do ppl call themselves Sikhs of the Guru if they dont even know their Guru dont even read can they love their Guru.They think Guru Nanak is dead and dont realize that all the Gurus are in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji.we NEED TO SPEAD OUR FAITH>THE WORLD NEDEDS SIKHI.There is so much in Guru Ji which we shud spread.ever since i started taking Hukam From Guru Ji i fell in love and i found all hapiness inside me.we have such a beautiful thing n we dont spread it.this may sound bad but dont take it that way i wud never hurt myself but sometimes i see this world and when i am doing Siman i feel sooo happy i wish i cud just die sooner n go to WaheGuru where i cud stay in this Simran forever but than i realize my job is on earth and for the meantime i can have Guru Ji wth me in me and stay with him forever.and when my time does cum the first thing im gonna do is Hug WaheGuru.Can u imagine such an insiring Guru ji who can give me this feeling.he made pppl immortal and we sont even love him enough to sit and try to understand his can a child love his father if they never have any exchange.i lovwe Guru Ji and u have no clue i am crying as i type cuz im jus thinkn n it hurts me sooo much to see all this behzti happen to Guru Granth sahib Ji and Sikhi.It is up to Sikhs to dispel ignorence and thats what i wanna do my life.anyways sry for the long comment but i was so personally affected that i had to write.bye Guru Rakha