Friday, July 21, 2006

Visit to Norway (Part 2)


On Monday 17th July, the Gurdwara Sahib organised a trip to a "Fishing and Hunting Museum" (which showed old Norwegian history) for all the elders and children participating in the camp. It was an unforgetable trip! :)

Afterwards everyone went outside to the Museum's park. It had a few rides and beauitful scenary. It was good to see kids enjoying themselves. In this photo we are sitting on the see-saw. The Gurdwara Raagi Jatha also came on the trip. They joined in the fun.

In the park, the aunty jee's and youngsters prepared sandwiches and we all had lunch.

This Mata jee was participated in the camp. She was so chaRdi kalaa. Every time we saw her we got so much energy from her. She was always happy and smiling and vibrated positive vibrations. In this photo Mata jee is enjoying the swings in the park.

After lunch all the young campers were divided into groups and we prepared small sketches/dramas on issues relating to Sikh children. We had about 15 minutes to prepared and then we presented it on a stage in the park. Some of the dramas were very very good!

When we got back to the Gurdwara in the evening, the children performed their drama sketches again for their parents to see. I was surprised that the children were confident and didn't get shy. The parents were pleased and everyone enjoyed the dramas.

On the last day of the camp a Darbaar Sahib workshop was held for the the under 10's age group. They were very excited to see Guru Sahib and understand more about the maryada (conduct) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee.

The last day Diwaan with all Sangat, children and parents, participating in singing the theme shabad.

Special Thanks

During our stay the Sangat gave us a lot of pyaar and satkaar. The sangat were chaRdi kalaa. The house where we stayed, the aunty and uncle jee were so nice. May Guru Sahib bless them with Gursikhi Jeevan and blessings of Naam.

This is a photo with Sumeet Singh bhaji. He is so chaRdi kalaa. He helped us with the camp and did loads of seva! It was great having his sangat for the week.

Also Mandeep Singh bhaji who has been living in Norway for 2 years now. He helped us to manage the under 10s. Again he was a very chaRdi kalaa Gursikh.

May Guru Sahib keep all the Norway Sangat in chaRdi kalaa and may they remain firm in their Sikhi sidq.

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