Monday, June 12, 2006

Sponsored Bike Ride for Orphans

An email I received from Bhaji Jujhar Singh jee:


On Sunday 18th June 2006, with the grace of the Eternal; we will be undertaking a bike ride in the name and memory of Guru Arjan Dev jee.

Guru Arjan Dev jee was the fifth Guru of the Sikhs and his life is a shining example of love and sacrifice. In a humble attempt to emulate a milligram of his glory, we have signed up for a charity bike ride.

The bike ride is approximately 50miles, and will run from Birmingham to Leicester. It will take approximately 6 hours and is mostly uphill! Please sponsor our activity, and sponsor it well. Your compassion is much needed by this dark age, without it we will all plunge into a vicious cycle of despair and negativity.

All proceeds and excess funds raised will go DIRECTLY to three separate charities:
  • An Orphanage in Northern India, more details can be found at this link
  • The Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity
  • The United Kingdom's Children's Cancer Study Group

Click here and here for more info on the ride itself

Please visit the secure online form where you can find more details and actually make your pledges:

Payment will be taken upon completion.

Please make all cheques payable to 'British Organisation of Sikh Students'. And write 'Charity Bike Ride 2006' on the back. Payments via paypal,cash, or direct bank transfer are also available. Please email me ( for options.


Benti:- Its great seva by the organisers. So its a good idea to donate one's daswand (one tenth of one's earnings in accordance to Guru Sahib's Hukam) to this worthy cause.


Teji Kaur said...

Guru Fateh Bhaji
Ke hal hai.Im doing great Chardi Kala Sukh and Shanti : ) I just have a quick question.Wud u by any chance either know the meaning or know where i could get the meaningof the Shabad Jabay Bahn Lagyo Tahbay Ross Jagayo?If yes please let me know.I have been addicted to this Shabad n i am dying to know the meaning.Thank u very much.Guru Rakha Sada

Harwinder Kaur Padam said...

i have to do a poster about sikhi 4 my college
n i wanted to use a picture of u to show what a tru sikh looks like

if im allowed can i?
if not i dnt mind?

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Teji Kaur Bhenji - The link to shabad is here

Harwinder Kaur Bhenji - I am far being a "true sikh". Daas is striving his best with Guru's Kirpaa to follow Guru's Path. You can feel free to use any photos from the site.

Guru Rakha

Teji KAur said...

Guru Fateh Bhaji
Wow that waz fast Thank u sooo much n God bless u : ) .Guru Rakha Sada Sada