Sunday, June 18, 2006

Busy Saturday

On Saturday 17th June the first ever Gurmat Camp was held at Leamington & Warwick Gurdwara. The Camp was organised to commemorate the 400th Shaheedi anniverary of Satguru Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaaj. There's not much parchaar (education) for the young people in that area, so the Camp was an attempt to offer the Sangat with an opportunity to learn from one another, be inspired by the life & works of Guru Arjan Dev Jee Sahib and join together to sing and reflect on Gurbaani.

The Camp was aimed for youngsters. There was an interesting talk about the Jeevan (life) and Shaheedi (martydom) of Guru Arjan Dev Jee by Bhaji Sukhwinder Singh Jee and Bhaji Inderjeet Singh Jee. Bhaji shared some Sakhis and went through Shabad Hazaare, highlighting the Pyaar (love) Guru Arjan Dev Jee had for Gurbaani and for Guru Raam Daas Jee Sahib.

Afterwards Bhaji Jujhar Singh led a workshop on Simran (meditation) exercises. It was the first time I have had the opportunity to experience Bhaji doing this workshop. It was really peaceful. I could see a lot of happy faces after the meditation exercises.

There was a break and then everyone went outside. Bhaji Mandave Singh Jee and Bhaji Kamal Singh Jee explained the importance of Gatka and showed stage 1 Pentraa (feet workout). They also did a short demostration.

The last session were small group discussions:

After Rehraas Sahib there was a Keertan Darbaar. The Raaj Academy did Keertan using Puraatan (traditional) instruments of the Guru's time. Followed by local Keertani and the Acapella Jatha.


sukhjeevan singh khalsa said...

u no ages ago u had simran on ur blog
it went " tera subh sadka waheguru"
where was that 4rm agen ??


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Sukhjeevan Singh Jee,

I have added the track to the Audio Box in the Side bar. You can download from there (its from

Guru Rakha

sukhjeevan singh khalsa said...

cheers paaji

jatlee said...

man i love charankamal and kamal singh! theyre brilliant!

Pardip Singh "Dhadi" said...

the camp was brillant. everyone loved it. still more parchaar needs to be done at Leamington and Warwick Gurdwara.

Thanks to everyone who came and took part in the seva.

jatlee....i agree. Kamal Singh and Charan-kamal Singh are brilliant. im very fortunate to have their sangat.

Hopefully Maharaj blesses the Leamington Sangat with more youth programmes and camps.


Anonymous said...


Good to see that parchar is happening.

Is this the same Gurdwara that has 'party' issues last year, have these been resolved?

Anonymous said...

I actually wanted to ask your advice on something; from reading your blog i can see you were not always an Amritdhari sikh and with Guru's kirpa you became one. Can i ask you what caused this change?

The reason i ask is as follows; some of my cousins have been raised in Gursikh families however now in their early teens they dont understand gurbani, can't read punjabi and some have begun to cut their hair behind their parents back. It's very easy for us to blame someone for whats going on say (family etc) but to be honest i dont think that will help at all. I dont live near them so have limited influence as well. Is there anything you would recommend (say from personal experience) to do to try and get them on back on Guru Ji's path which as innocent children they treaded?

Thank you