Monday, May 08, 2006

Feeling Hungry, Then Guess What Happens...

Today I went to the library in the morning. I took some apples with me, so that I can eat them if I got hungry. Late afternoon time I started to feel peckish and thought I would go back to Halls and cook some frozen Mehte Wale Parotay.

I arrive back at halls and open the flat door. Waheguru! Suddenly a strong bacon smell hit me! I could barely breathe! I quickly rushed to my room door and tried to open the door (avoiding breathing in the bacon smell which had filled the whole corridor). Waheguru! I thought I would do some work and wait till the bacon smell dies down before I go to the kitchen.

After an hour, I look around my room looking for my frying pan. Where is it? I realized that I forgot the frying pan in the kitchen last night when I made something to eat. In my mind I was hoping "Hope no one has used it." Then I thought "Why would they use my frying pan when there are two or three frying pans lying around for them to use." Obviously not the case!

I got in the Kitchen and the bacon smell was still strong. For someone who doesn't eat meat it's a really sickening smell. Even when I used to eat meat I found bacon and pork sickening and I would find Beef smell disgusting also. People would tease me and say "You are half Muslim and half Hindu". Waheguru. Rab Bhalla Kare.

I found my frying pan laying on the cooker. I picked it up and was about to wash it. Then I stopped and looked down into it. I could see some OIL in it. I said to mind, "I can't remember putting oil in my frying pan?" I looked slightly up and there was something red in the frying pan (like a small long scrap). It was a scrap of BACON. Waheguru. I put the frying pan down and thought "This means NO Parotay for lunch". Waheguru.

I couldn't believe why people would want to use my frying pan to cook BACON! A girl in our corridor complained to me three months ago that someone stole her FRYING WOCK. Then another girl complained to me a month ago that someone uses her frying pan and then leaves it dirty for her to clean up. Rab Hee Rakhaa!

For someone who is Vegetarian it’s difficult to use cooking utensils when someone has cooked meat in them, despite however many times one washes it. I had nothing else to eat other than 2 or 3 yoghurt tubs and Parotay. So I thought what can I do? Instead I ended up cooking frozen Parotay in the Mini-Cooker which I have in my room. With Guru’s Kirpaa it turned out okay! :)

The Parotay were okay. But then the SMOKE ALARM went off. Sat Naam. Perhaps Waheguru was telling me to keep off the Parotay. I prayed that the security guard doesn’t come to my room and find Parotay, smoke and a Mini-Oven! I quickly opened the windows and after a few minutes the smoke alarm stopped. Rab Da Shukar!

Student life is very CHALLENGING and I can't WAIT to move out of Halls and move back home! It really makes you appreciate the simple things in life which Guru Sahib has blessed us with.

Moral from Story: Appreciate what you have. Don’t take anything for granted.


Angad Singh said...

haha..nice one..arent there any places near by where you can get decent vegfood ..or its makes a big hole in the pockets of students like us


Otpreka Singh said...

In my opinion eating out should be avoided. Like Manvir Singhs story of India, you never know what is in your food. You also never know if the person made it with clean hands or not.

For an amrithari serious about success :P its better to avoid outside food.

Anonymous said...

I can definately relate - some people just seem to have no consideration for others.

At least no one stole the parotay!


Teji Kaur said...

Guru Fateh
Ah Im sorry.I know how you feel.My dad and sisters eat meat and the smell makes me so sick.Do you know what my lil sisterd do.They make me sit in the middle of the backseat in car and the whole way to school and they surround me with the anda they eat for breakfast.Than they take egg and wave it in my face.Than when they finish their egg they keep burping just to annoy me.I cant stand it.They think it is hilarious because I get so ticked off and \they thing me angry is funny.I shud give them a thapar bit I love them too much.I have to tell papa tp give them thapar for me lol.Also the smell of chocolatre chip cookies always gtempts me and its so bothersome when my amily bakes cuz they have anda in them/Anyway I hope collage works out for u.Enjoy it.It goes by fast.Is collage really as "scary " as ppl say it is .I hope not.Ppl said high school was gonna b scary but I love it.Anyway good luck and I apolozize again for the long novels I leave as comments.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

I avoid eating out (e.g. restaurant, caffe or fast food etc) for various reasons:

1. I feel uncomfortable eating somewhere where I don't know who cooked the food, how they cooked or what's exactly in the food.

2. The person who cooks the food should have their head covered when cooking the food (1. Hygiene, 2. It's Gurmat Rehit). Unfortunately not all Panjabi people cover their heads anymore when cooking food, so sometimes I have to request people to cover their head when preparing food if at someone's house.

3. Hygiene. Bad experiences of people not washing hands and keep BASIC hygiene when preparing or serving food.

4. Bad experience of people smoking tobacco and cooking food!!

5. Sometimes egg is added to foods in restaurants or fast food places and you don't know! Also sometimes meat and veg food is cooked together. So to avoid any possibilities or regrets, best to avoid all together.

Generally, at university I stick to frozen packed food or frozen daal sabjeeaa, bread, beans, cheese, fruit and milk. Waheguru.

Prabhu Singh said...

I've been a vegetarian my whole life and the thought of, smell of, and sight of meat, makes me sick. It is just so disgusting, the thought of putting dead flesh in your mouth and then the rest of your body. I could see how you probably wouldn't want to use the frying pan again.
Maybe I shouldn't tease you, but I would say another moral of the story is to have more food on hand. I keep tons of food at my house because I'm always hungry and I want to feed guests. Though I don't get many guests considering my gate is usually locked. Anyway, I've also set the fire alarm off numerous times. I've even set off my fire alarm with steam. I just took the battery out, because it hurt my ears and it would go off for a small amount of smoke. In writing this I wonder if it would have gone off when somebody set my neighbors place on fire. Maybe I should put the battery back in?
Anyway, good luck with all your studies and give my regards to your Dad.

Anonymous said...

Manvir Ji your Story reminds me of my own college days. I lived in the dorms and used common kitchen. It was so filthy that I never felt like cooking anything in that kitchen. Many times I washed people dishes ( Seva) because our kitched was so dirty ( I was resident Advisor). Also,I remember an incident where one of the students spit in her own food ( pretended to do so) so that people will not steal her food. I miss those days ( especially filthy kitchen and bathrooms because I worked three semester on getting those things cleaned by housekeeping staff and students)


Anonymous said...

i remember my halls first yr at uni...other than sharing a kitchen with 11 ppl, the worst part was sharing the shower...Vaheguroo... disgusting...i walked out of the shower, worse than i had gone in...

oh yeh N my milk used to always get the winter i used to keep my milk on the window the summer, well i just bought as much as i needed every day...missions, but it had to be done...ppl drink milk directly out of others bottles....yukk. Not to mention the smell of weed all day...& the music at 3pm... Vaheguroo

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Waheguru. Reading the comments has put a smile on my face!

I have been lucky that for three years of living in Halls of Residence, I have had a room with ensuite. (I wrote a letter to the Accomodation Office requesting ensuite because I am religious Sikh who wakes up early in the morning and will likely disturb others! lol). I dreaded having a shared bathroom! A girl on my course said that sometimes people come back from a night out, be sick in the sink and walk off. You wake up to wash your face and find sick everywhere. Waheguroo!!!!!!

I remember in first year I made some Rotian (I had some Alhoo Gobi Sabjee from home). As I was making Rotian, the flatmates asked "what are you making?" I told them that I was making chappatis.

I thought I would be courteous and asked, "Would you look to try some?" 3 people said okay. So i thought I would make 3 mini rotian for them with some sabjee. Then another flatmate (the drugg one) comes with his FIVE FRIENDS.

They all wanted Rotian. I was like, "Ermm.. okay." It was like making LANGAR for Sangat at Halls!! The FIVE RANDOM PEOPLE who I didnt even know, said "We're just gonna go for a cigarrette, we'll come back". I thought "THANK GOD".

Pardip Singh "Dhadi Master" said...

Gaj Ke FATEH Bolao, akho Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

in my 1st yr of uni we lived in a 5 bedroom flat, where we shared the bathroom and toilet. there were 2 gore, 1 indian, 1 international student and myself. over the 4 week xmas holidays all of us went home apart from the international. no1 used to clean the bathroom, but b4 we went we cleaned it. wen we came back afta the xmas holidays, the bath was BLACK. it was werent even brown, it was BLACK. the bath supposed to be white. we dnt knw wat the international student did.he sed sumthing might of fell frm the sky which made the bath black. i used to do ishnaan wiv my chaplan (flip flops) on. one of guys had clean the blackness, it still didnt cum off.

once the shower head broke. the shower was like a propa jet shower. the water cuming out wud cum out wiv so much force, that water felt as if it was going thru ur skin. we had no shower head. then afta a couple of weeks, the water wud trickle out of the shower.

in the same flat, the guys broke the toilet seat. sumtimes i wud c the toilet seat on the floor and wud have to pick it up and place it on the toilet. it was disgusting.

now i live in an en suite flat wiv singhs. alot better. but the 1st was really funnyt

Angad Singh said...

Manvir ji

i am very shocked to know that there are hygine issues and all in UK..i dont know about other countries but here we have specific guodlines laid down on how the place has to be maintained..

anyways..i guess you know it best!!..keep fruits they help a great deal m sure you know that ..


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

OMG! Dhadhi Master jee, reading your post I can't stop laughing! Waheguru!

(I wasn't going to put this post up on the blog, because at the time I was bit shocked that my frying pan had been abused. Thanks to Dhadhi Master Jee's suggestion, Daas posted up the post. It's good that everyone can discuss their funny experiences :D)

Anonymous said...

"abused"....but i do get wat u

manvir said...

ur tlkin about hygiene in uni
i get bad hygiene in my grandparents house
they hate us cos they hate religion
but i think they do it on purpose :S

once we had a paath upstairs n we HAD to invite them lol
they make eggs in the cooker downstairs
i was like :o erm mum i think u best clean that ;)

good luk
im stayin home wen i go uni lol

Anonymous said...

haha..very funny story manvir! made me laugh on an otherwise depressing day in nottingham trent library!!

could only happen to you!!

Gurinder :)

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story: Don't live in halls for 3 years!


Anonymous said...

Moral of the story: Don't live in halls for 3 years!


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Anonymous Jee,

I lived in halls in my second and third/final year because I got job in the Residance. Its bit like being a Warden. The job involves doing inspections, fire-safety checks and if any students have any queries or problems in my block then come and see me and I try to help them (e.g. noisy neighbour, someone smoking etc). If problem is big then I forward it on to the Residence Manager.

So the job helps me money-wise and University accomodation is cheaper than Private Rental.

For three years I've had ensuite bathroom with Waheguru's Kirpaa. So I am lucky in that sense.