Monday, March 20, 2006

New Posts will be Coming Soon...

Since Wednesday I have had the flu, so as a result I have been unable to post anything on the blog. However, I will be posting the final part of the Hazoor Sahib travels in the next few days. So watch this space.

On Wednesday I went to the local corner-shop to get some LEMSIP. I remember drinking it before when I had a cold. I was feeling drowsy and just wanted to have something to relieve the flu. I asked the shopkeeper "Excuse me what I have got for flu? Do you have LEMSIP?" He replied, "Yes. Which one?" He pointed at "LEMSIP" and "LEMSIP MAX".

I replied, "Ermm... what flavours are there?" The shopkeeper (who was Gujrati) stared at me and paused for a second and then slowly said, "LEMON". Just before he said that I just realised that I spoke without thinking and that obviously LEMSIP was going to be "LEMON" flavour. lol.

I went for LEMSIP MAX. However, it wasn't very appetizing. It might have been the fact that I had added sauNf (ਸੌਂਫ) and jawain (ਜਵੈਣ) to the boiling water. So the taste was a mix of lemon, sauNf (ਸੌਂਫ) and jawain (ਜਵੈਣ). I felt queasy drinking it. But chalo, I drank it!

However, the best medicine I found for flu symptoms is BENYLIN 4 FLU tablets.

Chalo, Rab Rakha.


Anonymous said...


lol bro,
may i also suggest 7seas multivitamins plus minerals (suitables for vegans n vegetarians) just generally... n honey in hot water works well for colds (i think) although i shud check with my grams (shes a doctor or so she likes to think!) vaheguru,



Arshdeep said...

paaji that guy must ave thought u was one of them bollywood sardaars... lol u fit the stereotype :p

(sorry :$... joke si, no offence ok?!)


Anonymous said...

I hate the taste myself but sugar does make it taste a little better. You can get different flavours like blackcurrant. We sell them in our shop lolz. Neway get well soon.

Angad Singh said...

get well soon bhaaji

Arshdeep..not funny mate..not at all funny

rsingh said...

ohh I think Ill buy some BENYLIN 4 FLU today before I come up to ur side of London. When I read 7seas I was thinking thats Fish oil haaww LOL never knew you could get stuff for vegans to.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

i went to tesco and bought "Yellow Dal with Peas Pulao" (basically Masraa di daal with chowl).

I looked forward to eating the dal, and generally masraa di dal is good for you if you have a cold etc. However, I warmed it up and tasted it and it was DISGUSTING. Rab Jaane who made it! It was like slurpy yellow gravey!!

I couldn't believe the taste! Yet it was meant to have been made in New Delhi (well thats what it said on the packet).

Chalo, Rab Rakha.

Preet said...

im not big on conventional medicine - normally my friend the hot water bottle and a good long time in bed normally works! ;o)