Monday, February 20, 2006

Nice End to Busy Weekend :)

Waheguru. Last Friday I went to the library. I had to get some books out for an essay I had to write for today. It was 6pm. So I started to do Rehraas Sahib da Paath on the bus. Not many people on the bus so didn't get anyone stare at me.

I got to the library and EVENTUALLY found the books. Rab Jaane, the books were placed in odd places in the library. Some books were placed in rooms where no one hardly goes! Chalo, Rab Da Shukar I found the books and made my way back to halls. It was 8pm.

I am standing at the bus stop waiting for the 521 bus to London Bridge. Bus 21 from Ealing keeps coming every 3 minutes. Waheguru. I think to myself, "He Manna, O mind! Why isn't the 521 bus coming? There's seems to be a bus from Ealing every few minutes!" Chalo, I waited 35 minutes in the cold waiting for 521 bus. Then I thought to myself, I've been standing in the FREEZING COLD for a bus which is meant to show up every 5 minutes, but its been 35 minutes! I looked at the bus timetable! Sat Naam. "Bus 521 terminates at 7.15pm." O deary me! Been standing outside for nothing! Then it took 10 minutes for the other bus to arrive. So I stood standing for 45 minutes :(

Eventually got to London Bridge. I had to get off the bus at Bank station (Rab jaane where that is). The bus was PACKED. As I got off the bus there was a lot of people walking past the bus. My bag was full of my books and was quite heavy. The bag slipped off my shoulder and went BANG on the floor. Sat Naam, Waheguru. The Gore got bit of a shock and looked at me. Poor people probably thought it was something else which goes "bang". Waheguru. Chalo, the group of lads nearby ended up laughing (rather than getting scared) and made a joke how they thought it was something else going bang. Walked back to halls, which took 20 minutes.

Today I handed in my Philosophy essay, which was about the claim "human life is sacred" and the merit and demerits of making such a claim (in relation to homicide and sanctity of life). It's such a good feeling to hand in work and get it over done with (though I got more essays to do for 2 weeks time!).

Some Gurmukh Pyaare friends came over to my flat and had a good old get together. It was nice to relax and enjoy the company of Gursikhs and do Gurmat Vichaar. We ended up eating flap jacks and some potato waffles (which i cooked in my small mini-oven). I think I ate too many waffles! Chalo, Rab Rakha! We did some Keertan, simran and then we all together did Rehraas (recited one shabad each at a time). One word to describe it was "PEACEFUL." So much Shaanti (peace) in Baani and Simran. It's amazing. So I am feeling much better and it's a nice way to end a weekend and day overloaded with uni work and deadlines :)


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you are lucky Waheguru