Saturday, February 04, 2006

Charan-Kamal Singh's B'day Bash

Last week it was Bhaji Charan-Kamal Singh's 20th birthday (Bhaji recieved the gift of Amrit in October 2005 along with Mandave Singh and Pardip Singh). It was celebrated Midlands style! Started off with Rehraas Sahib and Simran, followed cake ceremony, then, well I will let you have a look at the photos! (Just to clarify for the record, I weren't at the birthday bash! I have been kindly sent the photos by my friend.)

Bhai Sahib Charan-Kamal Singh (aka Birthday Singh)

Nice birthday cake (eggless of course!) :)

Bhaji reading his birthday card.

Balraj Singh (in white pagh), Charankamal Singh (b'day singh), Pardip Singh aka Dhadi Master Sahib (in creme pagh), Mandave Singh (in black) and Bish Singh at end.

Making birthday wish (probably wishing that he doesn't end up like Pardip Singh and Mandave Singh on their birthdays!)

Bhai Sahib doing Bhog of the cake (in simple English - cutting the cake!)

Ermm... a blurry photo of the back of Charan-Kamal Singh's head.

"Once upon a time a Singh was born in Midlands. Twenty years on, three wise Singhs came bearing gifts and presents for the Singh....

The first wise Singh brought the gift of a black and kesri (orange) dastaars (turbans)...

The second wise Singh presented arm-pads for practicing Gatka....

The third wise Singh presented the gift of a Kenchi Sahib (a stand) for keeping Gutka Sahib and a Sandlewood Mala.

Waheguru! It looks like Charan-Kamal Singh bhaji is either alergic to cake or scared of having cake forced in his face.

Birthday Sagun (I don't know whether he is being made to eat the cake or wiping his face with it. Rab bhalla kare!)

Shifty looking characters

Getting stuck in! Bhaji Kamal Singh (at end) looks like he's got a headache, Saty Bhaji looks eager to munch the cake, erm... bhaji Sukhi Singh looking like he's been brainwashed into eating cake. Sat Naam, Waheguru.


Singhstah said...

Three wise singhs hahahahahahhahahaahha

and the last pick , oh my goddd hahahahahahahhaahha

Anonymous said...


The simran track on ur blog is really lovely where can i get a download


Teji Kaur said...

Guru Fateh Bhaji
Wow I wish we cud do ardas on my birthdays.About your other story .The trick to dealing with the bad things goingh on in Gurudwara is to fight.Guru Ji's house is our house and should be respected.Be a strong person and dont give up,be a saint soilder.We all must come to gather and fight.It is good that u had the courage to tell the ppl to tie a ramala.We have to be strong and not scared as such when it comes to these issues.It worked with me.This summer I went to India to Guudwara Fatehgargh Shaib.The granthi wud not let me do chaur shaib cuz I was a quote"little girl."First of all im 16 not litte and there is nothing rong with being a girl.Guru Granth shaib ji says"from woman man is born so why call her low."I was so upset I cried fist than I held back my tears and went back to the granthi baba.I told him in my broken punjabi ay both pagal cheez atay ghanda kam hai(that was the extent of my vocabulary,My family held in lauyghter)I said that above quote and taled about famous sikh Women.The granthi was changed and I became the 1st young girl to do Chaur shaib at the Gurudwra Fatehgargh shaib.The piont is I held my tears and faught.Look at the differeb=nce one person made.It can happen if we stay determined.Guru Rakha Sada

Anonymous said...

HAPPY B-Day Charan-kamal Singh :D

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

anonymous 1 - the simran is from

The simran track on my blog is from:

"Deepak Sharma - vaheguru (slow)"

teji kaur - thanks for sharing your story. very inspiring. your were blessed with a great honour of doing sewa at such an important ishthaan (place). may waheguru keep you in chardikala.

Dhadi Master said...

Its was a wicked day. Charan-kamal Singh thought that we were only gona do rehiraas sahib da paath and eat after. he had no idea. he was proper suprised wen he walked into the kitchen and saw the cake wiv lit candles.

A big thanks to Kamal Singh Ji "Sarangi Master" who organised the whole bday event.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Dhadi Master jeeo, darshan baksho. please come jatha sameth to London and grace the students of London the oppurtunity to hear your lecture prasans .

Take care.

Novtej said...

waheguru ji ka khalsa
waheguru ji ki fateh

in regards to the banner this is how i did it (these instructions were typed for someone previously):

1. go to and login
2. click on 'change settings'
3. click on the 'Template' tab
4. go through the script until you get to .. #blog-header {
(..its near the start of the script)
5. in that little paragraph at the end there is a url address and that is where you enter the url of the banner.

I uploaded my banner on my personal webspace but im sure you can upload on blogger..get the url address of it and paste it in. This is what my script now reads:

#blog-header {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
font-family: "Lucida Grande", "Trebuchet MS";
background: #e0e0e0 url( no-repeat top left;

(its a gif file btw)

a bit complex but thats the way i did it..i dont know if theres a simpler way of doin it :S

anyway chardi kala


jatlee said...

cahran kamal and kamal singh are two beautiful singhs who i met!! we had a great time together they're really chardi kala!!

jatlee said...

cahran kamal and kamal singh are two beautiful singhs who i met!! we had a great time together they're really chardi kala!!