Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Whiskey & Paath!?!?!

Yesterday, my mum & dad and I went to Derby to see some relatives. We arrived at my Mama ji's (maternal uncle's) house and sat inside in the living room. My mama ji was at work and my cousin had to quickly nip out to the doctors. So my mami jee (maternal aunt), nanny jee (grand-mother), and my mum were chilling in the kitchen. My dad and I went to sit in the living room. They had some guests at their house. The aunty jee went to the kitchen to sit with the ladies. The uncle jee was sitting in the living room when we came in.

As I came and sat on the sofa, I noticed that the uncle jee had a glass infront of him. It looked like Whiskey. I thought "eh? Isn't it early to be drinking sharaab?" The time then was 1pm in the afternoon. The more shocking thing was that he had chosen to watch the Aastha TV channel on Sky. Guess what was on? REHRAAS SAHIB from HAZOOR SAHIB! Waheguru!

I couldn't believe it! The uncle jee looked like he was born and brought up in India, I thought at least he would have enough courteousy not to drink sharaab and watch or listen to Paath at the same time. I sat feeling queezy. First of all I though "O Dear! I hand shaked the uncle and he is drinking Whiskey." So when the Chaa Paani (tea and snacks) came in, I straightaway went to the bathroom and washed my hands befor eating.

I kept wondering "Is uncle jee going to change the channel?" I felt quite disturbed by seeing the whiskey glass on the table and Rehraas Sahib on the television in the same room. Sat Naam!

To be continued...

I was thinking to myself, "He Mannaa! O Mind! If that is whiskey in the glass, then how did he get it? My mama jee (uncle) was at work. My elder cousin was at the doctors. My younger cousin was at work. So, either my nanny jee poured the glassy (which I really really doubt!! lol), or my mami jee (aunt) poured the glassy (which again I very much doubt!!) or last possibility that my bhabi jee (my cousin's wife) poured the glassy (which again was unlikely!!). So I was wondering, "eh, that's strange. Firstly its 1 o'clock in the afternoon, so early to be drinking (unless someone's a heavy alcoholic or something and drinks beer or whiskey with their ahloo wala parotaa); Secondly, who poured the glassy?? Thirdly, how could the uncle have the nerve to drink a glassy and watch rehraas sahib at the same time, considering he said that its been a long time since he has been to the gurdwara so he thought he would watch paath on the tele." Chalo, Rab Jaane (God knows!).

My dad and the uncle jee were talking amongst themselves. I got up and grabbed the tv control from the table and changed the channel (Star Plus News. lol). I was thinking fair enough I have changed the channel, but isn't it a bit risky for the uncle to be drinking and then driving back home? The uncle was casually chatting to my dad and I was discretely looking at him and watching his glass (well i hope I was DISCRETE!!)

The uncle jee would pick his glass and slowly SIP the glass. So I thought ermm, it could have been apple juice, but who SIPS APPLE JUICE!!? (Well I don't, and I assume others don't either). So I thought, "Waheguroo! Whiseky it is!"

Later on my mama jee arrives back from work. He then offers to go the pub and have a pint (before anyone is thinking... he didn't ask me to go the pub and have a pint... he asked my dad and the uncle who was their guest from Leicester). My dad said he isn't going to be drinking, so he doesn't want to go to the pub. Then SHOCK HORROR, the uncle jee says "No thanks, I have promised not touch alcohol til 31st June 2006." I thought "Waheguroo! Either he has jus made that promise today sitting here while watching Rehraas Sahib on Aastha TV channel or either he wasn't drinking sharaab!!"

I realised that the uncle jee wasn't drinking SHARAAB it was APPLE JUICE. Afterwards I was telling my dad about this. He said he was thinking the same thing and we both laughed at how we had assumed he was drinking whiskey and watching paath on the television.


Anonymous said...

maybe it was apple juice? :)

Mannu * said...

Vaheguroo ji ka khalsa, vaheguroo ji ki fateh
allo veerji, im manleen kaur ji, and i came aacross your blog, and i just read this post.
I think you should have maybe confronted this uncle, and told him it was wrong, but then i understand how you would feel shy.
But i think next time, you should ask him what hes drinking, maybe start off saying sat sri akaaal, and then lead into a conversation, and be like, 'whats that your drinking?' or someting, but always be a singh warrior, and be strong..
sorry for my stupid advice
bull chaak maaph karni ji.

Anonymous said...

"hey uncle what's that you're drinking."

if it was whiskey, i think he wud say "erm.. why do u wanna know?" (considering paaji is amritdhari) lol.

Angad Singh said...

guess u shd have gone in and asked yr pharjaee or some one what he was drinking

Guruka Singh said...

"No thanks, I have promised not touch alcohol til 31st June 2006."

Hehe... "30 days hath September, April, June and November..."


ਿੲਕ ਿਸੰਘ said...

manvir, that was way tooooo funny!!! hahaa haaha! sometimes you can't make stuff up like that. and you know what uncle ji's probly thinking "that amritdhari dude rather watch the news than listen to wonderful RehRas from Sri Hazoor Sahib!"

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

exactly bhaji... i could see him watching me get the tele control... probably thought i was a "dodgey amritdhari" whose not into listening paath and gurbani.

chalo, rab rakha! :)