Saturday, December 24, 2005

Trip to Southall - Meeting a Muslim Man (Part 2)

Waheguru! The train arrives at Ealing Broadway. The Muslim man and I got off the train. We walked up the stairs to the main part of the train station. The Muslim man said, “Go ask the train person when the next train to Southall is.” So I went and asked one of the transport officers. He said that the next train would arrive in 11 minutes, however, due to train works it may be delayed.

The Muslim chap then said, “Lets take a bus.” I was thinking, “O mind! What are you doing? Where are you going? How has this man become your companion to Southall?” It was a really strange experience.

So this elderly Muslim man wearing a white salwaar kameez and topi (hat) on his head and I walked outside of Ealing train station. Guess what? WE COULDN’T FIND A BUS to Southall. Sat Naam! So we crossed the road and tried to quickly get to the next bus stop. I gently jogged and told the man to hurry up. Poor bloke! He was huffing, puffing and panting. Bechaara! We got to the main bus stop and guess what? NO BUSES to Southall. Waheguru!

The old man and I walked up to Ealing High Street (well I think it was the High Street because there were lots of shops and people). We eventually got there. A little frustrating because the man was struggling to keep up, but I felt compelled to wait for him and accompany him to Southall.

Eventually we spotted the 207 bus going to Southall. Rab Da Shukar. Just before I got to the bus, I looked back and saw that the old man stopped at a market stall and started talking to the people working there. I think he was either related to them or knew them. So I said bye to the bloke there. But I was slightly disappointed that the bloke didn’t say bye or anything. Chalo, Rab Bhalla Kare.

I quickly ran to get the bus. The driver was a Indian looking man, he looked either Gujrati or Bengali. Anyway, just as I got to the bus, the bus driver drove off. I ran after the bus and knocked on the door but the driver ignored me. I was a bit shocked considering he was Indian as well! Even in Central London bus drivers stop if they see a passenger running to get on. However, this driver was weird.

I thought “Chalo this man isn’t going to stop, so I should run to the next stop.” So I ran to the next stop. Guess what? HE DROVE PAST. I was a bit annoyed! The traffic lights had turned red so I thought I would knock on the bus door and the man should open up. I knocked a few times but he nodded his head and didn’t stop. Rab Da Shukar, he stopped and let me on at the next stop. Before the Muslim man was panting and out of breath, now it was my turn!

To be continued…


Anonymous said...

Yaar Manvir,
Post the part third soon. It is not fair that you telling this story in parts.

Singhstah said...

hahah, i agree with anonymous