Saturday, December 10, 2005

O Deary Me!

Sat Naam. Waheguroo.

I have a confession to make! When is (Guru Gobind Singh Ji's youngest son) Sahibzaada Baba Fateh Singh Ji's birth day? It's on 12th DECEMBER!!

Well, last Saturday I was looking at the online-Sikh calender (downloaded it from Because I was going to Southall the next day, I thought I would check out if there any Gurpurbs, anniversaries or special dates to mark. I spotted "JANAM DIN (birth day) BABA FATEH SINGH JI" on the calendar. Looked at the date and I thought it was 4th December (don't know why). I suppose I assumed 12 on teh calender meant 12 as in the 12th month, i.e. December. WAHEGURU!

Anway, so on Sunday 4th December I thought it was Gurpurb of Baba Fateh Singh Ji, so I did Ardaas in the morning after Nitnem for Baba Ji's birth day. Then went to the Gurdwara and did special ardaas for Gurpurb. (Chalo, teek hai. Nothing to loose. Remembering great Gursikhs always is good thing :) )

Okay, then in evening I went to the radio show in Southall. Rehraas Sahib times come. Then comes Ardaas. So what to do I say? "He Nimaniaa(n) De Maan, Nitaaniyaa(n) De Taan, Ni Ohttiyaa(n) di Ohtt, Sache Pitaa Waheguroo......... AJ BABA FATEH SINGH JI DA JANAM DIN HAI. Daas walo ate sunnan wale sarotiaa(n) walo shardaa de phul bhet karde han. lakh lakh vadhaayee hove taa Baba Fateh Singh ji warge Jeevan taa Sikhi de vich bharosa sangtaa noo baksho...." (English Translation: Today is Baba Fateh Singh Ji's Birth day. From all the listeners we offer our flowers of devotion to Baba Ji. Congratulations to everyone and please bless us with the life and faith which Baba Fateh Singh Ji to all the Sangat, congregation...)"

NOT JUST THAT. Then "Competition time" comes up. What do I do? "Today's question is "WHOSE BIRTH DAY IS IT TODAY? And a special clue is that it was mentioned in today's programme."" Okay. So children start ringing up, "The answer is Bhai Veer Singh Ji..." I say "thanks for call, ermm... you want another try?" Then someone else rings "Is it Baba Zorawar Singh?" "Oooh, sorry! Are you sure? You want to give another answer?" WAHEGURU! Then a girl rings and says (sounding UNSURE) "Errmmm... is the answer Baba Fateh Singh Ji".

Sat Naam. "Congratulations to "..........." who is today's winner. The answer was "BABA FATEH SINGH JI". Yes it was Baba Fateh Singh Ji's birth day today. Some people had a close answer, but missed getting the right answer."

Go back to university halls. Go to sleep. Wake up and put on the radio. SHOCK HORROR!!! Bhai Jasvir Singh (Gurbani show presenter) says, "Hanji, this month we celebrating x, y, z...." Then I hear "And Baba Fateh Singh Ji's janam din (birth day) on 12th DECEMBER!". WAHEGURU! I quickly checked the calender and to my suprise it said "12th DECEMBER!"

I felt sooo bad that I had told people on radio and EVEN DONE A COMPETITION saying Baba Ji's birth day was on 4th December! O well, it will seem that its not only the Queen who has two birthdays, and this year me and all the children who listened to the radio last week will celebrating Baba Fateh Singh Ji's birth day twice as well! :) (Could be a good thing, apart from that now some children may be confused when Baba Ji's birth day is! Sorry!)

Apologese to anyone who was confused when listening to Sunday's show.

Rabh Raakhaa!

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