Monday, November 07, 2005

Trip to Southall Nagar Kirtan

Yesterday, their was a Nagar Kirtan in Southall to celebrate the Parkash Ustav of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The Nagar Kirtan took place between 12pm – 3.30pm, starting from Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Havelock Road and ended at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Park Avenue. It went through King Street, South Road, then High Street, Uxbridge Rd., Green Drive, following onto Park Avenue.

The weather was wet and cold, but it was great to see so many people out on the day and joining in the celebrations. Young and old were all present. Due to weather not as many people turned up on the streets and joined the Nagar Kirtan as in previous Nagar Kirtans. However, still there was a good amount of Sangat present.

The highlight for me in the Nagar Kirtan was the Afghani Kabuli Sikh Sangat. They are inspiration. Firstly, there attitude and devotion to Sewa is humbling to see. From the sewa of looking-after the Sangat's shoes, to sweeping the streets and picking up rubbish. It was amazing to see this enthusiasm. Furthermore, I loved the way they sang Shabds in the Nagar Kirtan. It was in true spirit of the meaning of "Nagar Kirtan" (moving Kirtan procession through a village/city/town).
Here are some photos from the day:

Young Sewadaars helped to clear rubbish and sweep the streets

Youngsters doing sewa

Nagar Kirtan procession being led by Panj Singhs

Youngsters who recently took Amrit participate in sewa of Panj. I thought it would have been nice to give them same shoes or something, and also a rain jacket (perhaps see-through or orange colour). I felt sorry for the Singhs afterwards when I saw them at Havelock Rd. Gurdwara. They were freezing, drenched, and looked pale :(

Sangat singing along to Shabad Kirtan despite the poor weather conditions

The Nagar Kirtan stopped for a short while at Park Avenue Gurdwara

Even though it was raining, young and old came out to celebrate Guru Nanak Ji's Prakash Utsav

The Kabuli Sikh Sangat of Southall celebrated with great enthusiam and energy through singing Shabads

Students from Ramgarhia Gurdwara Sunday School sang Shabads and did Simran while walking. Saw a lot of friends there who attend the Sunday School and help out with Sewa. Throughout the whole Nagar Kirta families, businesses and homes offered Langar Pani (food and refreshments) to the Sangat

The Southall Afghani Sikh community demonstrated immense pyaar (love) and shardaa (devotion), and created an energetic and joyous atmosphere through their singing of Shabads

Young Afghani Sikhs singing shabads under a plastic sheet, covering them from the rain

Young children siting on floats (they look a bit serious!)

Sangat approaching Park Avenue Gurdwara for Samaapti

Near the end of the Nagar Kirtan - this pretty much sums up the day... cold and wet

Ardaas for the conclusion of the Nagar Kirtan

Guru Granth Sahib Ji being carried back inside the Gurdwara Sahib with great awe and reverence.


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