Saturday, November 19, 2005

'Sikh & You Will Find'

Yesterday, Friday 19th November, there was a talk & discussion held at City University, titled 'Sikh & You Will Find', as part of London Sikhi Week.

Bhenji Navleen Kaur Ji led a fantastic talk about relationships. Bhenji identified the different types of relationships we have i.e. sister, brother, mother, father, husband, social, life partner etc. In particular the talk focused on the Jeevan Saathi (life partner) and how marriage and married life can help one's relationship with Divine, Waheguru.

It was interesting that throughout the talk there was silence and everyone was so attentive. It was obviously a topic, which affects young people and is very relevant for the age group. Bhenji went through the meanings of the four Laava(n) (vows) of the Anand Kaaraj (Sikh marriage ceremony). It was amazing at how Guru Sahib gives practical guidance in the Laava(n) and through following the guidance one can have a successful marriage between husband and wife, and also both can help one another to become one with Waheguru.

Students asked questions and discussions took place. The concept of divorce, perspective on mix religion marriages, how Anand Kaaraj's are merely show nowadays, and the importance of Amrit (Khande Di Pahul) were discussed. It was a really interesting, and nice to hear everyone's vichaar (thoughts). I am sure everyone learnt something from someone, and were all inspired with the Guru's wisdom.

Some photos:

Ice-braker activity. We had to talk to the person sitting infront of us, and behind us and find out 3 things about them. The exercise was to demonstrate how it can be difficult to form social relationships with people, and how one has to take a risk in forming a relationship. However, by doing so you meet someone really interesting who may become your best friend.

Bhenji Navleen Kaur talking about 'Jeevan Saathi'.

Students listening to the talk.

Bhenji Navleen Kaur engaging with the audience.

Samosay being served! Notice the plates - they were really thin and literally the chutney poured off the plate :( (Waheguroo)... Bhenji Kamaldeep Kaur is getting chutney poured into a cup. I don't whether she planned to drink that or dip her Samosa in the cup? Rab Jaane!

Photo of me going up to negotiate with Bhaji how many Samosay I am allowed to have. lol.

Veer Ji's from City Uni, enjoying the Samosay and taking advantage of the photo oppurtunity.

Easy Bhenji on the Samosay! I know they were swaad (tastey) but isn't two plates a bit overboard?

I'm trying to eat the Samosa without the Chutney spelling on my Kurta. (Waheguroo - Life can be challenging. lol).

Everyone relaxing, mingling and chilling out after the talk.

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