Friday, November 11, 2005

Photos of My Brother

Here's some photos of my brother, Benjit. He's twenty five years old and at the moment is Second Lieutenant Officer in the British Army. He's on duty abroad. Guru Rakha!

Posing outside the main Sandhurst building

My brother told me that marching is quite hard, because you have to keep your back straight and its very tiring on the body.

Photo of my brother with his platoon whom he trained with

Training expedition in Lake District

Morning exercise - running and carrying a large heavy pole. (Doesn't look like fun!)

During the training period, the army holds days for the family's of cadet's to visit. The cadet's do a special parade march and afterwards there is a Barbeque for the families. Here's some photos from our family visit to Sandhurst to see my brother:

I'm standing with my brother and mum outside the main Sandhurst building.

This is a window painting found in the main Sandhurst building chapel hall. In the corridor there is a gallery of pictures of Sikhs and Indians who fought for the British. Most of the pictures of Sikh Sardars :)

My dad and brother looking towards the lake.

This is a picture of my brother's cupboard in his room at Sandhurst. Every single thing has to put in certain place and kept in order. If not then you get disciplined (Waheguru!).

Commissiong day - April 2005

Photos of Commissioning Parade and ceremony

My brother now is deployed in Poland. He is away from home for 6 months. Rab Rakha. May Guru Ji bless him with Gursikhi Jeevan and keep him in chardikala.


rsingh said...

Nice Photos.. Blog settings look umm nice... hmmmm. :D

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Thanks for the compliments.

I see that you have decided to go for the same look on your blog - looks nice. :)

Harkiran Kaur said...

Nice blog and good to see you in gursikhi bana! Stay in chardikala always:=)

Anonymous said...

hi manvir
i am so dejected to see thar your father and brother have cut their hairs. you can be their source of inspiration. make them to follow the rules of the tenth master.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

i myself had shorn hair five years ago. I thank my Guru who blessed me with Gursikhi jeevan.

My father has began to wear a Pagh when going to the Gurdwara now and when we go to functions or relative's house. He now finds it odd if he doesn't tie a pagh and go to the Gurdwara. I pray that my his confidence grow and that Guru Ji blesses him that he keeps Sikhi Saroop.

May Guru Ji bless Naam Di Daat, Sikhi Saroop, and Rehat Di Daat to everyone :)

mandeep singh said...


Hope all goes well for your brother. Its interesting your brother being in the army and you being amritdhari. Your both soldiers in your own respect because whoever is a Puran Khalsa is apart of God's army.


Mr. SIngh The Bus Driver said...

very nice to see a Sikh in British Army and your caring for all Khalsa PAnth